July 20, 2012

Occasionally, I have unpopular opinions. I usually secret them away in my fortress of unpopular opinions but I have decided to share one of those unpopular opinions with you. Iím not entirely sure why, but I imagine it has something to do with my aversion to most new movies. I just cannot enjoy a movie that overdoes the use of cussing, violence, sex, or politics. Call me old-fashioned or square I just don't care for the trend of movies now days.

So here goes the unpopular opinion: I think The Dark Knight Rises is going to be bad. And not in the way where itís good to be bad, but bad in the way where itís just plain bad. Iím not going to see it. Donít get me wrong, those Hollywood types will get my money, I think Iím going to see the new Ice Age movie. I liked the previous Ice Age movies so I'll probably like this one. The only thing that burns me is that I'll have to pay extra because it (around here at least) is only being shown in 3-D - which I really could do without.

And that was Sir Joseph's unpopular opinion of the week. So be it.