July 18, 2012

I dang near got arrested last night. Here are the facts; just the facts.

As my wife will attest, my bed time is usually between 4 and 5 am. I'm a night owl. Always have been. Always will be, I suppose. So I was up and dressed when, at about 3am, my dog Rudy decided to needed to take a walk and find a nearby tree or fence post. I grabbed my cap and cane and we were out the door.

As usual, things were very quite in the neighborhood and we were being quite as we walked down the street. As a car rounded the corner I nudged Rudy to the side of the road and we waited for the car to pass. But instead of going by us, the car stopped. It was a police car.

The officer, a young kid I've never seen before (I know, at least by sight, most of the police who work the area and this kid was new). He asked me what I was doing. Duh. Senior citizen with an old dog in the middle of the night - what did he think I was doing? Playing rugby?

"Just walking the dog," says I.

"Have any I.D.?"

"No." It was in my wife's purse where it normally is.

Then that bugger had the nerve to search me! Who did he think I was? Al Capone? I thought he was going to break out the cuffs and stuff me and Rudy in the back of his car.

He got on the radio and checked for any "wants or warrents" on me. Fortunately the dispatcher recognized my name and then informed the rookie that I was a former police chief. She didn't say where I worked but that was enough for the kid. His eyes got very wide and he immediately apologized and mumbled something about doing his job. I almost laughed at him but I managed to hold back until he left.

It's not the first time I've had encounters with the police during my late night roamings but it is the first time I almost got a cop to pee his pants!