June 5, 2012

Lady Laura is a worrier. Not a warrior ... a worrier. She worry's about everything. From what's for supper to what the neighbors think when I retrieve the newspaper in only my bathrobe.

I'm a carefree guy who is just the opposite of my wife. The things I worry about are silly thinks according to her.

Iím the guy who worries about things like sneezing with my eyes open and causing my eyeballs to pop out. Even though Mythbusters assures me this isnít a thing that can happen, I have to wonder how seriously I can take two guys who shot a cannonball through someoneís home.

Falling asleep too close to someone else and then breathing in the carbon dioxide they breathed out and dying of carbon dioxide poisoning in my sleep. Again, Iím fairly sure this canít happen. Especially because when I googled it, the first result was about how to cuddle properly. If google isnít taking it seriously, I probably shouldnít either. And yet ... I do.

Getting bitten by a poisonous spider because the carpet isnít vacuumed enough. Honestly, this one doesnít even make sense to me. Iím really not sure why I think well vacuumed floors keep poisonous spiders away.

Dinosaurs coming back. I literally have nightmares about this one. I mean, hasnít anyone seen Jurassic Park??! I've seen all three Jurassic Park movies several times! We should all be worrying about this.

What do you worry about?