June 13, 2012

I've been having fun lately going through my spam mailbox. Yahoo! does a good job in putting my spam in a separate box for me so I don't open any accidentally. I look at the e-mails but under no circumstances do I open any attachments. That's just asking for problems you don't need and can't get rid of unless you pay someone with a highly technical program to do it for you.

According to one spam comment I received yesterday, I am an "EXPERT" on female Viagra. So, at least I will always have that going for me. This comment came as quite the surprise to me because I have never even studied female Viagra. Apparently this knowledge just manifested in my noggin and bing-bam-boom Iím an expert at something, and not just something - female Viagra. Which is really impressive when you consider the fact that female Viagra doesnít exist (unless you count wine slushies) but for all intents and purposes female Viagra doesnít really exist exist, except, apparently, in my mind. Itís like my brain holds the key to the universe.

Thank you, all-knowing spammer, for causing me to realize the potential my mind. You did me a real kindness. Also, itís probably going to make a cagillion dollars. At least, it would make me a cagillion dollars if I could stop making jokes about it ... which I probably wonít.