May 11, 2012

Once upon a time, I thought of myself as a nature lover. Then, last week I was taking Rudy for a walk and I saw something that has forever changed me and convinced me that maybe I should stay inside at all times. I saw a crow pecking a tiny sparrow to death. True story.

It was just pecking and pecking and the little sparrow kept trying to fly away but it was hurt and the crow was relentless in the pecking. Did you know that crows eat sparrows????? I didnít know that. I wish I still didnít know that. And I also wish that Wikipedia didnít exist to tell me that crows also eat nestlings (which are baby birds that havenít left the nest). Crows are baby killers. And I also learned that in a group crows are actually pretty intelligent and they are ALWAYS in a group! Beware of the crows!!!

And now Iím remembering that when I was driving truck a crow actually flew into my cab (my windows were down) and scratched my arm when I was trying to shoo it back out the window. I realize now that Iíve been marked. The crows are clearly coming for me. That poor innocent sparrow was a warning. The crows are coming ...

From now on when I take Rudy for a walk, I'll be carrying my shotgun!