April 3, 2012

Did you know Lady Laura is running for political office this year?


Well, then, I hereby give up this space today so that she can present her agenda:

There is a big election this year and I would like to submit my name for the prestigious office of Friend. Why should you vote for me?

  1. Iím a blast to have on a road trip.

  2. Iím a bee/wasp/yellow-jacket/anything with stingers magnet. If itís around it will sting me, leaving you to enjoy your time outdoors in peace without worry. I take the stings for you.

  3. Iím really good at impersonating people.

  4. I always order dessert at restaurants so you donít have to feel bad if you want to order dessert too.

  5. Itís not hard to make me laugh. I will make you feel like youíre hilarious.

  6. Iím good at mocking things and people when the situation calls for it.

  7. I will never forget your birthday.

  8. When things are awkward, Iím at my best. You will come to appreciate this greatly.

  9. I make delicious spaghetti.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to distinguished service as your Friend.

Lady Laura