April 26, 2012

A couple of nights ago Lady Laura and I settled on the couch to watch the 11 PM news. When it came time for the weather we expected the usual forecast but what we got was totally unexpected. And it had nothing to do with the weather.

The news channel we watch, WNEP, always does the weather from their "back yard". The back yard is just that - an outdoor weather studio set up behind their studios in Moosic, PA. The weatherman took his place ready to go on the air live and just seconds before the cameras went live he noticed a movement beside him. Just a few feet away was a bear ... a real, live, wild black bear! Then another ... and another ... and another. A mother bear and her three large cubs had invaded the back yard.

The weatherman dashed back indoors. For the next five minutes or so it was total confusion at the studio. No one knew exactly what to do. Black bears, especially a mother bear with cubs, can be dangerous. The weatherman was plainly scared and at a loss for what to do. He later stated that he "ran like I stole something." Eventually he did report the weather - from inside the studio.

Lady Laura and I watched with a mixture of humor and amazement. We've never seen a forecast like that one and I don't expect we ever will.

Today's video in Castle Bisset's House of Humoronics is the report national TV gave on the incident. If you wish to see a more detailed (and funny) account as it happened, click on the bear below.