April 25, 2012

There are some nasty people in this world. Some are nasty and don't even know it. I met one of those yesterday. A sweet, innocent looking woman who volunteers at the local food bank. Most of the people who volunteer there have been carefully screened. They are friendly, outgoing people who want to do nothing more than to help people in the community. Not this one.

Lady Laura and I were in line selecting food from the groups offered. Everything was fine until we came to the Snacks Table. The lady had a wide variety of pastries and other goodies in front of her. When we got to her table she said that we could select two pastries and one of the other snacks. I selected some sugar-free cookies (like any good diabetic should) and Laura chose a blueberry muffin (not so good for a diabetic but she can eat that kind of thing).

The "other" snack was a choice of two. One was a bag of ranch dip chips - which I dislike - and the other one was a large tubular container of popcorn. Now, normal popcorn is good for you - but this was not your normal popcorn. I could see through the clear jar that it was popcorn but they did not call it popcorn. The label says "Chocolate Nut Crunch Caramel Clusters"!

It is a sweet mix of caramel corn, almonds, pecans and cashews drizzled with white and milk chocolate. It is an over-the-top treat. It's caramel corn kicked up several notches. Sweet, indulgent and just plain fun. My doctor would kill me if she knew I ate this stuff.

That lady told me I should try it because she had some and it was very good. I said, no, I better not. She smiled sweetly and told me I really did want some. I put a jar in my bag. Yes, that lady talked me into taking a jar of that delightful treat home. And I ate some ... and some more.

That nasty lady.