April 23, 2012

Lady Laura loves pizza! More specifically, she loves pizza from Dalo's Bakery in Berwick, PA. Dalo's is a small local bakery which makes many, many very delicious goodies. I can't go near the place without gaining weight just from the smells!

I like their pizza too, but more specifically, I love Mr. Daloís pepperoni rolls. They are like carbohydrate and saturated fat filled rolls of crack. Iím addicted. So addicted, that last night I ordered them for the second time this week and about the fifth time in the last two weeks.

Unfortunately, I keep getting the same gal behind the counter which is awkward because this girl knows how frequently I binge eat pepperoni rolls and thatís very intimate information for a stranger to have about you. Usually, I can handle this awkwardness with grace and a large tip, Saturday night however, the awkwardness took a nasty turn.

Me: Hi.

Pizza Gal: Really? Pepperoni rolls again?

Me: Uh ... yeah ... I really love those things.

Pizza Gal: Youíre going to have to work really hard to burn all these calories off.

Me: Uh ... yeah ... I guess so.

Pizza Gal: Werenít you just here Tuesday?

Me: Yes. I guess I canít order from you anymore. Iím so embarrassed.

Pizza Gal: Yeah right. Iím sure Iíll see you Saturday night.

I can never order pizza again. That pizza gal ruined my taste for pizza or pepperoni rolls forever. Or, you know, until Saturday night.