April 11, 2012

I know I've said this before but it bears repeating ... especially since the e-mail incident yesterday.

I do not send ANYTHING out that does not identify itself with CASTLE BISSET or your RE: on the subject line. Yesterday someone sent out a virus embedded in a link from my mailbox. I have changed my password so that it will not be repeated.

Just so you know (and maybe it won't happen to you) here is what happened. I got what I thought was an e-mail from a friend. In it was an attachment which I looked at. When I opened the attachment the virus embedded itself in my mailbox and sent out e-mails from my address which replicates itself in anyone's mailbox who happened to click on the link it contained. And so it perpetuates itself over and over again. (Many thanks to my neighbor, Wendy, who informed me as to what had happened.)

Bottom Line: If an e-mail with my address doesn't have Castle Bisset or your RE: as part of the subject - don't open it!

If you have any question about any e-mail I send out, please write me and I will be most happy to confirm or condemn it.