March 6, 2012

Iím a born and bred Pennsylvanian ... with thirty years of Southern living under my belt. I like my BBQ spicy and my summers hot. I tell you this so that you might understand just how much of a baby I am about cold weather. Anytime the thermometer drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit I practically throw a tantrum. I wear my sweat suits year 'round, of which I own 5 sets in different colors. My older sister, Maryellen, has a lot of fun patching them when the need arises. I also have gloves, extra blankets, and a spare kerosene heater which gets used a lot.

I recognize the fact that many people see that as an overreaction but it feels cold to me. Really cold. And if I feel cold then I have every right to add on the heavy layers and buy hot chocolate to warm my innards. Right? Apparently, some people disagree as I learned recently.

We've had a very mild winter - so far. The temperature the other day was 55 and my buddy Les and I were taking a walk. He hasn't been able to ski much this winter and hasn't been able to play golf for a while so now he hauls me out of my nice, warm house to walk outside. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Burr rabbit! Itís chilly. I need to make some hot tea and warm up.

Cold-Hearted Les: Ummm ... itís not even a little cold. Itís like 55, itís delightful outside. Stop being such a baby.

Me: Uhhh ... no. If I feel cold, itís because Iím cold. Regardless of what the thermostat says.

Les: I grew up in and stayed here in the North, this is nothing.

Me: Sure, comparatively speaking this is warmer that it's been, but again, I still feel cold.

Les: Youíre being dramatic. Itís warm. You arenít that cold.

Me: Iím going to remind you of this conversation this summer when itís 100 outside and youíre complaining about being hot. Iím going to tell you that you arenít in fact that hot and that youíre being dramatic and I should know because I lived thirty years where it gets really hot.

Les: Thatís totally different.

Listen, I know that most people donít think itís cold outside when itís 55 degrees, but I also know that for me, that feels cold. Why should I shiver just because other people donít think itís cold out? Sheesh, just let me have my sweats and hot chocolate.