March 23, 2012

Welcome to Queen Sandra - she is finally back on line. As you may remember, in September of last year she was flooded out of her home when the Susquehanna River flooded. It has taken a long time and help from many people but her house is, at long last, back to normal. Our brother, Dan (a.k.a. Sheriff Daniel), has put in many, many hours of labor and did most of the interior work. It looks wonderful. But she is not living in it - she has sold the house and has moved to a home that is not in a flood plain.

I have found out who sent me the poem I presented here yesterday. It came from Kolo in South Africa. Kolo says that she has been a reader of Castle Bisset for "some time" but has never written before. She felt that she wanted to share the poem with me. I appreciate that very much.

That's one thing that always amazes me - just how much this inferior bit of the Internet gets around. Kolo says that the Castle was sent to her by a friend in France and she has been reading it every since. To me, that is unreal. At last count, the Castle has Residents in about 19 countries besides the USA. There may be more which I don't know about because two large and wonderful Betty Boop groups share Castle Bisset with their readers every day. Thanks to those owners and moderators who allow me to share the Castle through their groups.

Many thanks to ALL who share Castle Bisset with their friends. That is what keeps me going besides making me feel that my efforts are worthwhile. Another part of the Castle that encourages me is the comments you send - good or bad. Many people make comments occasionally but there are a few who comment almost every day ... which I love.

The past week has been very hard on Lady Laura and me but you have made the way easier and I can never express how much that has meant to us. Thank you more than we can say.

Everyone have a good weekend.