March 15, 2012

When we lived in North Carolina we got our first dog as a married couple. Lady was a yellow lab who had the sweetest nature of any dog I've ever seen. She was also one of the most determined dogs I've ever seen.

Lady liked to get her drinks from the toilet. Guess she figured it was nice and cold and tasted better than the water in her bowl. We used to keep the seat down to try and deter her, but it was a simple matter for her to flip the lid up a bit, get her head under it and get her drink.

One day we made the mistake of leaving her have the run of the house. We usually put her in the back room with child gates on the doors to keep her from getting into trouble. This time we didn't. Our elderly neighbor lady was sick and called us to take her the hospital. We left the house in a hurry and didn't take the time to put Lady in the back room. After we were gone a while Lady wanted a drink ... and her bowl was empty. The bathroom door was closed but we found out that it was not a problem for Lady. Did I mention she was a very determined dog?

When we got home we found that the bathroom door had been smashed and broken. A determined Lady had simply crashed through the bathroom door and got her drink like she always does. Then she had a nice cozy rug to lie on which is where we found her when we got back home. She didn't care that she couldn't get back out into the rest of the house 'cause she had all the water she wanted right beside her.