March 1, 2012

One day last month, I shared a delightful spam comment I received and mentioned that I would be checking my spam folder a lot more often. Obviously, the spam gods are smiling upon me because yesterday, I received this little gem.

ďDonít know how to attract girls? Itís not your fault. Iím about to tell you something thatís going to make you angry. But Iíll tell you anyway because itís going to make a difference in your dating life. Youíve Been Programmed to Fail with Women and You Probably donít Even Know it!Ē

This spammer had me at ďItís not your faultĒ. I mean, who knew all these years I could have been attracting girls if I had just been programmed correctly (plus being quite happily married doesn't help in attracting girls). Really, letís forget about attracting girls, and talk about how I didnít even know I was ďprogrammedĒ at all. Apparently Iím a malfunctioning robot. But itís OK because itís not my fault. Basically all my failures are just programming malfunctions and you should probably call your service provider if youíre unhappy with my performance. I just thought you guys might want to know that.

Kinda reminds me of a joke which I haven't told in a long time. It's about the world's first totally automated airplane flight. There is no crew on this flight and just after take-off the passengers heard this automated announcement:

"Welcome to Ajax Flight Number 1 - the world's first totally automated passenger flight. Our flying time from Los Angeles, California to Sydney, Australia will be fourteen hours. All your needs during the flight will be automatically met - all you need to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the flight. Absolutely nothing can go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... "