February 6, 2012

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe that is so - maybe not. I don't know. I haven't tried to teach my two old dogs anything new for a long time. But I do know this: they will teach themselves new tricks. My Rudy is a prime example.

Ever since we got him when he was a ten-week-old puppy he has always been close to us - physically close as well as emotionally. Rudy is a Vizsla and a common trait of that breed is that they like to be near their master. They are often called a "Velcro dog" because if they are not chasing a ball or eating they are glued to your side. No matter what I am are doing, even going to the bathroom, he's right by my side.

He has always slept on the bottom of our bed and I thought that is where he'd sleep for the rest of his life. I was wrong. Lady Laura and I do not sleep in the same bed for medical reasons - my respirator makes so much noise that it keeps her awake. So Rudy and I have been bed buddies.

I am a creature of habit as most humans are. I go to sleep on my back and I always wake up on my left side with my head on the corner of the pillow. Rudy has always had a sleep routine, too. When we first go to bed he crawls under the covers and works his way to the bottom of the bed and that's where he sleeps all night. But lately he's added a new trick - a new wrinkle to his routine.

For the past three months or so when I wake up he is no longer at the bottom of the bed. I find him, every morning, laying next to me; back to back with his head on my pillow. I guess he decided that since I only use a corner of the pillow the rest of it was his to use.

Now, I don't mind this. I rather enjoy waking up with his back touching mine. What I do mind is that when Rudy is sound asleep he snores. And it's a rip-roaring, freight train snore that should not be emanating from such a little dog. Oh, I've known for a long time that he was a good snorer but when his head is next to mine on the pillow everything vibrates!

So, my question is this: Do they make those Breathe-Right strips for dogs?