February 3, 2012

Now an important matter if you are a loved one of a senior, or if you are a senior citizen reading Castle Bisset on someone else's computer or Web-TV: BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER !!!!!!!!!! POINT MADE??????

Several years ago I was a dedicated Webber (Web-TV user) and I enjoyed it very much. After we moved into this house I bought a computer just because I had taken some computer classes at the community college in Wilson, North Carolina and I didn't want to lose that knowledge. You know the saying: Use it or lose it. I have not regretted it for one second ... OK, maybe a second or two when I tried to do something I didn't take time to learn properly. Bottom line - I just love my computer.

A Senior with a computer and very minimal instruction can have a new and less lonely world unfold before them. You can get and send email to family. Seniors can chat live with children and grandchildren and friends. And get or send pictures to those folks.

Seniors can save money online through comparison shopping, finding clearance sites, or saving on sales tax. (One of my senior friends at church just bought a set of fireplace gas logs for less than half price and they were shipped to him free from Home Depot Clearance Center).

Seniors can go to Lowes project center, or look up phone numbers all over the country or the world. See other cities anywhere in the world through live cameras.

Seniors can go to National Geographic, HGTV, the National Weather Center, live radar pictures of your area, travel sites, TV Guide, Get maps of anything anywhere. Listen to NASA. See pictures of all the homes for sale in any area of the country, and some around the world. Do crossword puzzles and more.

Seniors can get daily news and health updates. Access The National Institutes of Health and other valuable medical sites. Read about prescription interactions. An active senior can get plans for a rocking horse you want to build for your grandchildren, or access every recipe known to woman (or man!!). Print any tax form. Make new friends. Download and play music of all types. Go to an internet library, your church website. Visit England County-by-County by picture. And millions of more ideas for Senior enjoyment. Exercise the senior mind. Keep it lubricated. These examples have barely scratched the surface.

The world is now at Seniors' fingertips. A computer can change your life - at any age. A Senior can buy a great computer system for under $400, including a monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and printer. Maybe even less after rebates.

PS. Yesterday I was in a nursing home where my sister Eileen works and saw bedridden patients in their 70's and 80's enjoying computers IN THEIR ROOMS.