February 27, 2012

Lady Laura and I have a special angel in our lives. Her name is Melody and she is a Downs Syndrome child. Laura takes care of her several days a week in our home and she is always a joy to have around - even if her favorite name for me is "Pest"! Whenever she see me her greeting is always, "Hi Pest!!" Last Wednesday Melody turned 20 years old. Of course we gave her a birthday present but she gave me a better one.

Each day that Laura cares for Melody, Laura meets her at the local CVS pharmacy where her transportation from her "job" drops her off. Sometimes I go along just to get out of the house. Usually Melody gets out of the car and into our car - no big deal. Laura (or I) walks over to the car and helps Melody out and sometimes we chat a bit with the driver.

Last Wednesday Melody hopped out of the car and threw her arms around my waist. Iím a big fan of hugs so I just went with it. She let go, gave me a huge smile and then we had this conversation.

Melody: Hi! Pest!

Me: (teasing her) Hi. Whatís your name?

Melody: Melody.

Me: Hi Melody! Itís nice to meet you.

Melody: Nice to meet you. Let's go.

We went to the house and Melody and Laura did their normal routine. Have a hot dog and a glass of something to drink. Play some Uno. Take a nap. After she got up from her nap we had a small, informal birthday party for Melody and gave her presents from us both - a couple of CDs and a charm bracelet. Melody's reaction was a big smile and "I like it!"

Soon it was time for Melody's cab to take her home. As she went out the door Melody came over to me, gave me another hug and said, "Have a nice day! Bye Pest!"

Then she just walked away. But you know what? I did have a nice day and itís all thanks to Melody. She absolutely made my day. And I want you to know that I hope you have a wonderful day and I think youíre all beautiful! Thanks for being part of my life.