February 20, 2012

Usually, I just delete my spam comments en masse but yesterday, the most recent spam comment caught my eye. The subject was "Hello Sexy" which is why it got a second look. I thought it might be from one of my old girlfriends. Well ... you never know. This is what it said…

“Hello to you. I am in town for the weekend and I would like kick it with you. Nothing serious but we will see where the night takes us, eh? Your site is proper sexy - I think we will have sexy good times. What do you think? Show a tourist around?”

This hilarious comment was followed by about a dozen links to heaven only knows what. Obviously, it got deleted but I have to give that spammer credit for making me laugh. If the links weren’t proof enough this was spam, the fact that the spammer would describe my site as “proper sexy” shows they have never read Castle Bisset before. I mean, I get several thousand visits each month and I've never had anyone else say that the Castle is sexy. So clearly, Castle Bisset is not by any stretch of the imagination “sexy”.

Nice try spammer, you made me laugh, but not one link did I click.