February 16, 2012

I mentioned yesterday that on Valentine's Day we ate a magnificent meal at a Gourmet Chinese Buffet. I also mentioned that my favorite Chinese food is General Tso chicken. What I failed to mention is that I also love the Dan Ta - a Chinese egg tart. I can assure you that reading about them is not nearly so wonderful as eating them.

So yesterday, I decided to try and make Dan Ta. These are definitely a favorite when I eat Chinese so I thought that I, being a slightly better than average cook, could make my own. I found a recipe for them on the Internet and printed out a copy. I followed the recipe and ended up with way too much custard for the amount of dough that was made. I also realized that these were Hong Kong style which I haven't had before. I guess it meant that the crust was not a flaky pastry type?

I found the dough recipe to be quite similar to shortbread. It was still delicious; don't get me wrong. I just think that I need to find another recipe. As for how they turned out - the flavor was pretty much spot-on but my crust was too thick per tart (I had to use a muffin tin so my judgment of thickness was off).

The only problem I had was all that extra custard. I put it in one of Lady Laura's plastic containers and headed for the refrigerator. I don't know exactly what happened but my euphoria was shattered when I tripped over Rudy. The custard hit the floor and the lid came off the container and custard splattered all over the kitchen. My clean-up crew (Rudy and Susi) were instantly on the job and started cleaning up the mess as fast as they could. They did a pretty good job but they left the floor and the lower part of the cabinets all sticky. Lady Laura and I had quite a time cleaning.

I would post a recipe but I'm going to still experiment with this yummy treat until I get it right!