February 15, 2012

Yesterday, my friends, was St. Valentineís Day. Sheriff Daniel and I took our wives to a Gourmet Chinese Buffet and, boy, did we ever over eat! After the meal we all went home and took a nap! We had a great time. Instead of lecturing you any more on who the real St. Valentine was (or wasnít) and the sticky end he came to (pun intended because there was a stick involved), Iíve decided to share some of my absolute favorite things about Valentineís Day.

Iíve always loved this holiday and not just because I think itís hilarious how a nasty execution spawned a lovers holiday. I mean, sure, thatís part of it, but I also like other things.

  1. Chocolate is everywhere. This is never a bad thing. Also, if you eat it on strawberries itís probably good for you.

  2. Flowers are everywhere. Itís lovely to walk into a store and see Spring when itís definitely Winter outside.

  3. Valentines are so delightfully corny. In fact, as far as Iím concerned, the cornier the better.

  4. Teenagers are making out EVERYWHERE and itís really fun to make disapproving faces at them and remark on their lack of modesty. It really makes one feel like a grown-up.

  5. Loads of people are wearing red and then I can say things like ďDoes your shirt represent the blood of St. Valentine?Ē and make people pretty uncomfortable. Sometimes, playing Joe the Downer can be fun.

  6. Any reference you make to the St. Valentineís Day Massacre is both unwanted and necessary. History is fun!

  7. I get to hear Elvis Presley songs all day long on our Oldies station.

  8. The candy hearts with phrases on them. They say such nice things! It gives my self-esteem a little boost and thatís quite the accomplishment when Iím also concurrently stuffing my face with candy. Well played candy hearts. Well played.

Hope you all had a very Happy Valentineís Day! I love you with my whole aorta!