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Love's Rebirth

Passions ignited with blue hot flames
Desire's lit within thier deepest parts
Entranced within thier lover's game
Silently listening to unified hearts

Caress's gently, reverently, flowing
Touching and tasting every secret part
Lasting love, forever, eternally growing
Secretly opening each other's heart

She knew he was her one true love
Showing him in ways she'd never known
Thanking the angels from high above
For allowing their feelings to be sown

Cherish the moment it disappears fast
Show the feelings that have grown
Today just may be your last
Let your love always be shown...


My Lovers Eyes

Within my lover's eyes
I beheld a passion hidden
Underneath a veil of disguise
Surfacing slowly unbidden

Sorrow,pain,hurt,all endured
Had scarred our hearts and lives
Warmth and joy now lured
A love freely given to survive

Our souls fight to unite
Feeling an invisible strand
Reaching out of sight
Turning two into one
United we now stand
Within my lover's eyes.......


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