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WWWF Emergency logo by Chris 'Jedi' Knight

The Scenario:

"Package for you, Your Majesty!"

The Imperial lackey gives Emperor Palpatine, AKA Darth Sidious (admit it, you know it's true) a wrapped bundle. "Why, it's a gift from Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Outer Rim. No doubt more exotic artwork he's discovered." Palpatine greedily tears the paper off. There, in his hand, rests a curious puzzle box. "I sense the power of the Dark Side within this," he says. Believing he has discovered some forgotten Sith artifact, he begins to play with the box.

Suddenly the lights go out in the throne room. The smell of flesh permeates the air. Chains drop out of nowhere. Suddenly the Sith Master and ruler of the galaxy... isn't on Coruscant anymore.

"You opened the box. Now you must come with us," says the tall figure coming out of the shadows. Pins stick out all over the tortured flesh of his head. Others, also disfigured, emerge from the darkness. "Our lord Leviathan demands that you be molded into his perfect order to be brought into harmony with Hell."

"I don't think so!" cackles Palpatine. At his side appears Darth Vader and Darth Maul (hey, this is Hell after all... where do you think he went to? A half-off sale?) Vader ignites his lightsaber while Maul switches on his dual blades. Pinhead and the Cenobites begin arming themselves with various hooks, chains, etc.

So, in this desperate delusion brought on from DNS destruction, which will win: the demons or the Darths?

The Cenobites and the Sith

The Cenobites


The Sith

The Commentary

NOTE: this match is NOT sanctioned by the official WWWF powers-that-be. Nor is this intended to be a permanent substitute for Ground Zero. This is a temporary fix while WWWF is down due to their server going kablooey. Better a cheap imitation than millions of Grudgies becoming pools of spineless quivers on the floor from their WWWF withdrawal!

BTW, because this quick-fix is basically a one-man operation, I have sacrificed my court-ordered dosage of Haliperidol so that my evil multiple-personality could come out and offer opposing commentary. Please welcome... Killer BOB!

Chris: well, this one isn't even close: the Sith rule. Think about Darth Maul doing all that tatooing on his face, while the Cenobites have to be dragged into getting tortured. That Maul has a high threshold of pain, man! Not to mention what Darth Vader went through on that volcano with Obi-Wan. And besides, the Sith only get defeated in the end because one of them betrayed the Sith Master Darth Sidious. Leviathan's troops keep getting outsmarted by mere mortals and Leviathan himself gets turned into a frickin' Rubick's Cube. Cenobites? Feh! Hell? Feh! This place is more like if Dr. Seuss and Escher tripped on bad acid one night and drew out their worst nightmare. BOB, you got anything to say?

Killer BOB: through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds... FIRE WALK WITH ME!

Chris: Ummmm... okay. Maybe going off that Haliperidol wasn't such a good idea.

Killer BOB: Do you like to play with fire?

Chris: Hey, stop that! That's the Episode I beach towel my sister gave me for finally graduating college. Put down that match... AAAARRGGHHH!!! Quick somebody call 911!

You Choose the Winner!

Unfortunately, choosing the winner is just about ALL you can do! What, you think a guy like me would bother to do a CGI script for this half-baked page? You should be so thankful that there's even this much to get you through the night! Maybe before too long though, you'll get your high again on the REAL WWWF Ground Zero! You can also see where the magic began at the ORIGINAL WWWF Grudge Match!

1/10/2000 Status Report

Federal and state officials have almost finished assessing the damage and devastation to WWWF. It... wasn't pretty. The good news though is that Ground Zero has been earmarked to receive $11 million for disaster relief (though by law $10,999,950 must be appropriated for chihuahua-dropping cleaning, increased insurance premiums after benefits were paid out to next-of-kin, the Sedate Vlad Fund, etc.), and you can be assured that your tax dollars are hard at work already. I've seen the new site and it looks good as new! When the bigwigs give the go-ahead, the general public will be allowed back in.

In the meantime, until things are fully back in order at Ground Zero proper, this site will continue to function as a contingency measure, although in a somewhat diminished capacity. Feel free to continue to respond to Cenobites vs. Sith but when WWWF is back online, you'll have 24 hours to wrap up things here, send in responses, etc. before this site gets archived forever (or at least retired until the next crash. We're always on standby!) So keep 'em coming by e-mailing me!

To prevent looting, general distress, etc. in light of this catastrophe, we at WWWF are pleased to announce that Mister T has arrived with his retinue to patrol the streets and maintain order at this time. Curfew is still in effect. Mister T has been authorized to act against violators with extreme prejudice...

Don't make me sic my dog and my gymnasts on you, fool!

Paul just informed me that the new match begins on Wednesday. Guaranteed!!! The balloon's going up... you may begin leaving the refugee camp! (Responses for Cenobites/Sith will continue to be taken until tomorrow night at midnight)

Final Update 1/12/2000

And when the dust settled and the smoke cleared, when the last waters receded... there was Mister T, mythic archetype of the WWWF, still standing...

I's too tough for crappy webserver breakin' down, fool!

With Ground Zero now back to fully operational status, this Emergency Edition of the WWWF must, sadly, come to a close. Thank you, everyone of you, who came by, for sending in the wonderful e-mails of encouragement, for responding, for asking me what I was smoking and to please send five pounds at once to the address you gave me, for not laughing at the crude drawings, for laughing at the crude drawings, and for basically making this one of the best weeks I've spent in recent memory. But it wasn't me. If anything this has taught me, it's that WWWF is far above and beyond one man, or even one group of men. It's a concept that will be here long after we are gone. We do what we must to keep it alive, because it is the common glue that has created a most unique bond during these past few years. Thank you Steve and Brian for starting it. Thank you Paul, HotBranch!, Shane and the rest at Ground Zero for continuing it. Thank you, all the Grudgies, who have given it its incredible vitality.

And I've been asked why I have so much time on my hands! At the present time I'm an unemployed historian, who is looking to pursue his dream in becoming a writer. All this time that WWWF Emergency Edition was running, I've been writing a book, something I've been developing for awhile now. When it gets published, the requisite link to Amazon will be put up here (and on my homepage) so you can help me just the same way you helped Steve and Brian with their book (you did buy the Grudge Match book, didn't you? Shame on you if you didn't! :-)

By the power vested in me as Interim Poobah and Evacuation Manager and Coordinator, I hereby declare that the emergency has passed, and this Emergency Edition(tm) of the WWWF shall be retired. I relinquish my duty to Paul Golba and the WWWF Ground Zero staff. TROOPS, DISMISSED!

So 'til next time, take care, God bless, and...

May the Force be with you... always.

The Results

The Sith (8 - 80%)

Force-choke out what life is left in

The Cenobites (2 - 20%)

Voter Comments

Refugee Of The Week Gold Grudgie(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Gold Grudgie *sigh* So, this is really what its come to, huh?
I really must praise the excellent illustration work though. Let me see, Darth Vader (I assume that's supposed to be Darth Vader) is about to hit Palpatine over the head with a curling iron while an armless Darth Maul laments over the sadly flaccid state of his dual-lightsabre. We need some Viagra in here, stat!
And then there's the Cenobites. At least you can tell which one is supposed to be Pinhead, he's the one who resembles a basketball undergoing acupuncture. I'm not even going to hazard a guess as to what the guy in the sunglasses is suppposed to be.
And oh, the match! Sith win.

- Don "King" Milliken

Refugee Of The Week Silver Grudgie(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Silver Grudgie As a football fan I tend to hold to the Any Given Sunday Model (not a Shameless Movie PlugTM, Oliver Stone sucks eggs), so I tend to avoid citing precedent, but The CBUB’s classic Scooby Doo Gang vs. Hellraiser is the key to Cenobites vs. Sith.

Imagine for a moment that the Scooby Doo kids went up against Vader, Palpatine and Maul. Then imagine that somehow the impossible happened, and they actually got the Sith Big Three to fall into one of their Rube Goldberg traps, you know, the ones that just about always catch Shag and Scoob as a bonus? Now, come a few more steps with me: The gang rushes over to the entrapped Dark Jedi for the triumphant unmasking. When Freddie grabs hold of that respiration helmet and plants his foot on Vader’s shoulders for leverage, which result do you think is most likely?
A.Lightsaber enema.
B.Vivisection by lightsaber
C.“Telekinetic strangle” (powered by the Dark SideTM!) on the family jewels, reducing them to pulp and reducing Fred to a quivering mass only capable of screaming pleas for death, which is then mercifully granted via answer A or B. Similar horrors simultaneously visited rest of those meddling kids and their dog. If there’s any justice at all, Scrappy Doo and all the Scooby Movie guest stars are present.

It’s your vote, kids, though I personally find option C much too graphic for Cartoon Network. Anyhow, I think you’ll agree that if that’s what would happen to people who beat the Cenobites, then the Cenobites are certainly out of their league. The Emperor will probably push those pins all the way in before fricasseeing Pinhead with those electric bolts. Maul will handle that funny-shaped-head guy with a classic spin-dodge-parry-hack-slash-dice-chop-julienne maneuver. As for Vader and the fat guy with the shades…did I mention that Vader knows that Palpatine loves pork rinds?

- Mr. Silverback-Clive Barker

Refugee Of The Week Bronze Grudige(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Bronze Grudgie Well, this is a cool fight, I'll admit that. Here's my Pro-Con Analysis on the combatants:


- Being horror film characters, they have a certain amount of invincibility.
- Pinhead has joined the high ranks of Freddy and Jason as the recognizable villains of our time.
- They're from Hell. That's gotta be a few points.
- They're all freakish mutants. Everyone loves freakish mutants.
- Can be released by something as simple as a puzzle box.

- They're from a currently limp series of horror films that should have ended once the first was over.
- Pinhead is an obvious masochist with all the damn pins in his head.
- While Pinhead is popular, most people couldn't give a rat's ass about the others.
- All they kill are hapless teenagers stupid enough to mess with the puzzle box.
- Currently the only horror icons defeated by the Scooby-Doo gang.


- Emperor Palpatine was once a senator. That oughta give him a range of impunity.
- Darth Vader is the most popular in the Star Wars films as the guy most Warsies dress up like. If the Cenobites take a swing at Vader and hit, they'll find they just nailed a black-cloaked weirdo packing a plastic lightsaber.
- Do I really have to mention the Force?
- Sidious, Maul, Vader... Real kickass nicknames.
- They can pretty much only be defeated by others that use the Force.

- Emperor Palpatine may be able to handle a lightsaber, but he'll always be a heart attack waiting to happen.
- Darth Vader's embarrassment after being played by Jake "Jingle All the Way" Lloyd in Episode I.
- Darth Maul carries a double lightsaber. If you try to hold one of those like a normal sword you'll get a saber through your liver. How do you think Maul was chopped in half? By young Obi-Wan? Right.
- The Sith-Produced Death Star is about as durable as a 500-year old china
doll used as a baseball bat.
- The Sith-Employed Storm Troopers have low intelligence and bang their heads on doorways.

The way I see it, Palpatine plucks the pins from Pinhead's head until it is deflated. After killing about seven fake Darth Vaders, two Cenobites find the real one. They also find a saber decapitating them. The rest of the Cenobites mistake Maul for Pinhead in make-up with all those pointy things sticking out of his head. They get their asses kicked.

Sure, the Cenobites are from Hell, but the Sith have the Force, lightsabers, and a bigger cult following than "Hellraiser" could EVER imagine having.

- -Charge Man-

Refugee Of The Week Cubic Zirconia Grudgie(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Cubic Zirconia Grudgie If you only have two responses (GOLD and SILVER) and all responses are put in the order they are recieved, if I were to just send one in I'd get BRONZE, right? Hope so... anyway, I've never seen Hellraiser, so I'll vote for the Sith... yeah...

- ~Chewy Walrus

Interim Poobah's note: sorry Chewy, your reponse was fourth, but as you can see, as in any other emergency situation, we are being as charitable as we can be until the supplies run out. Enjoy your ROTWCZG! (all for only $19.95)

Refugee Of The Week Pig Iron Grudgie(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Pig Iron Grudgie Let's do a Rage (tm) analysis:
1) Vader - Deadbeat dad who used to be a slave, who now has an ax to grind over his mom getting bought, sold, and traded like a Sammy Sosa baseball card.
2) Darth Maul - The name pretty much sums it up here. A horned, tattooed martial artist with a double-edged lightsaber...Hmmmm...and wouldn't *you* be pretty cheesed if you had that dental problem? And since the Sith have to adopt "creepy" names, his real name is probably Chester Irving Mankenewich - and was probably teased as a kid unmercifully. We know what happens to *those* kids, right?
3) Emperor Palpatine - A million years old, low-fiber diet, no prune juice, no Viagra (c) do the math here.

1) Pinhead - Could easily take over the entire mortal realm if it wasn't for That Darn Box (tm). First step - gotta get the puzzle box. All the SIth have to do is play a game of "Keep Away", and he'll tire out and return to his Netherworld to spout more prosaic dialogue...
2) Chatterer - Nothing but a cheap thug in the Cenobite Cosa Nostra. He and Darth Maul could discuss Orthodontics...
3) Butterball - He's fat, he grunts, and he picks his navel.

So on the Sith side, we have the Ted Bundys and Jeffrey Dahmers, and the Charles Mansons of the universe...
While the Cenobites have a Poetic Nerd, a muscleman, and the Netherworld equivalent of *Al* Bundy.

The result is easy -
The Emperor forces them all back to Hell with the box. The Sith enjoy a quiet meal of Chicken Wings and popcorn shrimp.

- Scott J.

Interim Poobah's note: we have it on good authority from sources deep within Lucasfilm that Darth Maul's real name is Khameir Sarin. Though anyone named after nerve gas probably *had* to become something twisted like a Sith Lord. Props for hitting on this point!

Refugee Of The Week Aluminum Foil Grudgie(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Aluminum Foil Grudgie Sith win hands down.
The picture Chris drew of them is cooler.

- Lost in Kansas

Refugee Of The Week Vulcanized Rubber Grudgie(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Vulcanized Rubber Grudgie I have to say that the Lords of the Sith should win this one hands down because (A) I know who they are, and (2) everyone else is voting for them.

However, I think Killer BOB will probably beat Chris in the flaming towel fight.

As for Mr Silverback, I think Scooby-Doo and the gang could take Darth Vader, too. C'mon. They may not have the RAGE (tm) but they have the Retro (pat. pend.) and that has to impart Mentos (tm) level coolness.

- Field Marshal J A Dusty Sayers, O.St.D.

Refugee Of The Week Kudzu Grudgie(tm)
(and if you don't know what kudzu is, you ain't a proper Southerner, y'all!)

Refugee Of The Week Kudzu GrudgieEmperor Palpatine: Enslaved an entire galaxy. Turned a pure innocent child who loves his mommy into a monster that would kill his teacher who wasn't even defending himself, would torture and kill his own children if he could and chokes people from across the room for a hobby. Destroys entire planets with a smile. So evil that he hasn't bathed or performed any personal hygiene in 50 years and looks like a chew toy.

The Cenobites: Invented the Rubik’s Cube, a simple harmless toy that makes for loads of clean family entertainment. Let me show you. See, turn here, twist here, and walla, this side is all red. Oops, well this side is still a little mixed up so let me rearrange it a bit. There. All done... what the... this was red a second ago. OK, no problem, let me just make a few more adjustments. &%@*! OK, if I do this and this and this... AARRGHH!!!

The Cenobites win. Palpatine just can't compete with that level of evil.

- Paul G.

Refugee Of The Week Cooler Than MENTOS(tm) Grudgie(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Cooler Than MENTOS Grudgie Well, Pinhead and the gang are apparently dependent upon the not-so-awesome power of the Rubix Cube(tm). I've seen these things solved by people with their eyes closed and with the cube behind his/her back. Now, turning off a lightsaber.... that I haven't figured out yet. Is there a button, is it all a mind trick, what? So if I tried to turn off a lightsaber behind my back, I'm guessing that within 30 seconds, I would be several appendages short of what I started out with. The point is that lightsabers are just too powerful to reckon with.

Bottom line: Pinhead's spiky melon gets a nice new home in the Death Star sewing room.(yeah, like those officers don't need some uniform repairin' every now and then).


Interim Poobah and Evacuation Manager's note: Shaft gets the elusive ROTFCTM(tm) Grudgie because, even in the midst of the crisis, he pre-formatted with HTML! At this late hour (2 a.m.) that had to go recognized somehow :-)

Refugee Of The Week Cool As Certs(tm) Grudgie(tm)

Refugee Of The Week Cool As Certs Grudgie Ooooh.  Toughie.

Cenobites: Can rip opponents apart with chains that appear out of thin air.  And you don't want to see what they can do with a bloody mattress.
Sith Lords: The Emperor can hurl lightning bolt from his hand, Vadar can use The Force to crush your windpipe from across the room, and Maul is Jackie Chan with a full-face tatoo and double-bladed lightsaber.

Cenobites: Was defeated by the gang from Scooby Doo.
Sith Lords: Was defeated by the likes of Jar-Jar Binks and Ewoks.

Cenobites: The minions of Hell, such as those horrible Hell-Beasts from Hellraiser 2, and, presumably, legions of lawyers.
Sith Lords:  Well, one can assume that when George Lucas dies and is condemned to Eternal Damnation for ending The Return Of The Jedi with those saccharine-sweet Ewoks, he can help them out.  But, in the meantime, they're on their own.

Cenobites:  Tearing souls apart.  Torturing victims and dragging it out for eternity.
Sith Lords:  Conquering a galaxy far, far away.  Building planet-destroying superweapons which is always blown up by those plucky rebels.

This match is taking place in Hell, and the Cenobites are the home team.  And, let's face it, if you kill the Cenobites here, they'll just reincarnate.

Vader will use The Force to crush Pinhead's throat, just to find out Pinhead doesn't breath, per se.  And The Emporer's lightning bolts just aren't very effective on the Cenobites.  The only real threat is Maul, who will quickly find himself immobilized and pulled twenty different ways at once by a phalanx of chains that flash out of the darkness.  Pinhead will use Butterball and The Chatterer as human (?) shields while Vader decapitates both of them.  Vader and the Emporer will both find themselves trampled to death by a thousand criminal defense attorneys that Pinhead summoned from the deepest darkest pits of Hell.

While the Sith Lords are evil (with a little "e"), the Cenobites are Evil (with a big "E").

- Christopher Kintz

Created by Chris 'Jedi' Knight, January 6th, 19992000 and updated 1/12/2000. E-mail