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UPDATED LAST ON: June 28, 2000

NEW AND NOTEWORTHY: Check out and for new releases and get to hear sound clips from new albums FIRST!!!! Check them out under Music Clubs and Stores category!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Jeremy as most of you know and welcome to my webpage! I attend Liberty Universtiy right now and should be here another 2 years before I get my degree in Management Information Systems in Business which deals with computer analyzing and stuff like that. This page will give you all the links to your favorite Contemporary Christian Artists and Southern Gospel Artists and much more!! The sites are separated into categories by Southern Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Music Clubs and stores, etc. Hope you enjoy!!!!! Send me e-mail if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions.

New Releases out now or to come: June 20 Tammy Trent Set You Free. May 23 Nichole Nordeman This Mystery. May 23 Point of Grace Rarities and Remixes June 20 Salvador Salvador  June 20 Heather Miller Send Me an Angel June 27 Scarecrow and Tinmen SUPERHERO June 20 Watermark All Things New July 18 Wayne Watson July 25 4Him Hymns:  A Place of Worship  July 26 The Katinas So Good July 11 Third Day Offerings   August 8 Billy and Sarah Gaines Signature Songs August 15 JAKE (new group on Reunion)  August 29 Stacie Orrico Genuine (a new artist on Forefront)  August 22 Plumb Best of Plumb  August 1 Sonic Flood Sonic Praise  August 1, a new Artist, Rachael Lampa will have a new album called I LIVE FOR YOU. August 29 Whisper Loud (new group on Benson)  September Avalon JOY (Christmas album)  JACI VELASQUEZ September 5 Crystal Clear  Sept. 26 V-Enna Where I Wanna Be  October 1 Caedmon's Call  Oct. 1 Crystal Lewis Holiday  Oct. 31 Rebecca St. James Oct. 10 Virtue  Nov.2 RAZE The Plan

June 27 the Cathedrals have three different albums Acapella Favorites, then Hymns of Faith, and Inspirational Hits.  June 27 the Gaither Trio the Gaither Trio Classic Moments V3 June 13 the Happy Goodmans Set Your Sails Larnelle Harris June 6 A Story To Tell: Hymns and Praises.  The Kingsmen June 13 Proven, Time and Time Again.  The Lewis Family June 27 Karen Peck and New River A Taste of Grace.  July 18 The Pfeifers Walking Our Faith  August 29 Ivan Parker Best Days  

A lot of these sites will take you directly to the artist's sites, others have a mix of artists like the Record companies. You can enjoy listening to sound clips and join e-mail lists and a lot more at all these sites! Hope you enjoy these sites and tell me what you think or if you have any questions send me some mail. Enjoy!

If you need to download the Real Player, remember it is free, just click the link below to Download the RealPlayer 7 Basic now. Also Visit Mark Lowry's Most Remarkable Site!!!!!! Just click on his link below!!!!

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