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Cybertemple of Thor

(Thor painting By Laverdet)

Thor is the Viking, Norse God of Thunder storms, fertility, and protection. His name means 'thunder.'
Thursday, bears his name and means 'Thor's day' so it is a particular good day to Invoke Him.
He was worshiped from at least as far back as the Norse times. (Not just in Germania as many think but from Iceland to Scandinavia and Germania. His worship continued through the Roman occupation of Germania, through the Viking times and into modern times still in His homeland and by Pagans of course, worldwide.

The mystical goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr pull Thor's chariot through the sky. Their names mean 'teeth barer' and 'teeth grinder.'
Thor's hammer, his main weapon, is called Mjolnir, and is a common Modern Pagan symbol used by both Heathens following the Norse trad, and eclectic Pagans as well.
It is worth noting with laugh, that Thor is widely known to and 'worshiped' by many modern Comic book fans as well, as He was turned into a comic book super hero character, and a movie charter recently as well.

(Disclaimer-That I sadly must post here for any with eagle eyes) Yes, there is a Swastika on the Chariot wheel,
that symbol was a Pagan Symbol thousands of years before WWII)
Too bad most people (even Pagans) don't know that.
The 'Swastika' the Hindu term for the same magical Symbol used in India, was known as Thor's lightning in Norse times, and used as a mark of protection,
This statue sits atop an old brewery in Carlsberg, Denmark actually...but is an amazing statue nonetheless.

This sculpture of Thor raising his hammer Mjölner to do battle with Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent,
is called "Tors Fiske." (Thor Fishing) It is by sculptor Anders Wissler done in 1903.
It stands in the Mariatorget (Maria Square named for a nearby Church ironically,
though it was earlier named for the King Adolphus Frederick who ruled in the 1700's.)in Stockholm.

The Challenge of Thor
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I AM the God Thor,
I am the War God,
I am the Thunderer!
Here in my Northland,
My fastness and fortress, 
Reign I forever!
Here amid icebergs 
Rule I the nations; 
This is my hammer, 
Miölner the mighty; 
Giants and sorcerers 
Cannot withstand it!
These are the gauntlets 
Wherewith I wield it, 
And hurl it afar off; 
This is my girdle; 
Whenever I brace it, 
Strength is redoubled!

The light thou beholdest
Stream through the heavens,
In flashes of crimson,
Is but my red beard 
Blown by the night-wind, 
Affrighting the nations! 
Jove is my brother; 
Mine eyes are the lightning; 
The wheels of my chariot 
Roll in the thunder, 
The blows of my hammer 
Ring in the earthquake!

Force rules the world still,
Has ruled it, shall rule it;
Meekness is weakness,
Strength is triumphant,
Over the whole earth
Still is it Thor's-Day!

Thou art a God too, 
O Galilean! 
And thus singled-handed 
Unto the combat, 
Gauntlet or Gospel, 
Here I defy thee!

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