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Sobek's Cybertemple

Sobek is my favorite demon as He is sometimes called a demon rather than a God.
This is my 2017 painting of Him with the Goddess of truth and justice, Ma'at
as They are about to way your heart on the scales balanced against Ma'at's feather of truth to see if you are worthy of the afterlife.
If your heart is heavy with regret, remorse or a lack of remorse for your misdeeds,
then Sobek eats your heart and you are denied entrance into the afterlife in the underworld.

I took this photo of a wonderful statue of Sobek with a Queen in the Luxor Museum in 2017.

Sobek is usually shown as a Man with a crocodile head, or a lion with a Crocodile's head.

There is a temple of Sobek in Kom Ombo, upper Egypt.
Sobek with Ma'at and the scales ritual is often depicted in copies of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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