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Temple of Poseidon

Poseidon is the God of the seas of course,
but is also the God of horses and oracles. He is often called Neptune...though Neptunus, the Greek God, is dissimilar in many ways,
including most noteworthyly His lack of association with the ocean, that is Poseidon's realm!

Detail from "Neptune's Castle" Painting by Ginger Strivelli

Poseidon is almost always shown in His 'sage aspect' rather than youth or warrior/father.
Though he is often called Father Poseidon/Father Neptune, in refrence to His being the father of the seas.

Detail from "Neptune's Castle" Painting by Ginger Strivelli

He is often shown with horses due to His being a God of them....even though they are not of His ocean kingdom.
Seahorses are often shown with Him, as a answer to this paradox...and may in fact, be why the odd little fish were named 'seahorses.'

There is an amazing statue in the Athens Museum in Greece that is either Poseidon or Zeus depending on what was in the statues hand, a lightning bolt or a trident, that is long missing now.
I see him as Poseidon, and it is my favorite statue in that Museum.So lifelike you think it will move when you take your eyes off it, even tho it is bigger than life sized.

He is usually shown carrying His trident, which was his symbol, as well as His weapon of choice,
in His role as the defender of all sea creatures.

Detail from "Soul Mates" Painting by Ginger Strivelli

Poseidon is the God of Sailors as well as Astronauts, as he is too intertwined with the customs of voyages to be separated from the navy's modern sibling NASA.
This makes the naming of a planet, after, his alter-ego Neptune, which is the Name the Romans called Him...quite appropriate, in deed.

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