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Apparitions of the Blessed Mother Mary

Mary has been making supernatural appearances, all over the planet, since even before Her death. In fact, Mother images, that are identical to the Marian apparitions were historical tales going back long before 'Mary' walked the Earth. These were often called Angels, or seen as 'Mother Goddess' apparations. In those pre-Christian appearance and the ones where She is taken to be "Mother Mary' She usually only names Herself as 'the Mother' which is rather telling.
One of the more famous apparition sightings was , of course, in Lourdes, France. In Lourdes, a young village girl, named Bernadette Soubirous was told by the Mother to dig a hole and bathe in the spring that appeared there. The spring healed Bernadette, and has since become famous for its healing miracles.

In Mexico, in 1531, a man named Jaun Diego, was blessed with a apparition of the Mother. This sighting grew into the "Our Lady of Guadalupe" legend. The Mother spoke in the Aztec, Jaun's native language, and identified Herself as Guadaupe. The term, Guadalupe was probably based on an old Aztec word, which means 'She who steps on snakes.' The Lady directed that a church be built to honor Her, so the people would not forget Her. She left Her own image on Jaun's cloak, and this relic, called the Tilma, now is kept in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

In Fatima, Portugal, the Lady appeared to three young children, as they were tending to their sheep. Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta saw the Lady over a small oak tree, on several dates. She gave them several warnings for the future, which have been kept secret by the Catholic Church.
She also performed a miracle which came to be called, 'The day the sun danced,' for the crowd of onlookers, to disprove those who doubted the children' word that She was appearing to them. It was a rainy day, and the sun could not be seen, until suddenly it appeared below the clouds. The Sun was said, by many, many eyewitnesses, to have spun around in the sky and then came crashing towards the ground, before suddenly stopping it's dance and returning to it's natural place. After this event, the soaked people were all dry from the heat of the 'sun' as it swept by them before returning to the sky, behind the clouds.

Mary has continued to appear in various places, to various people, until this day. Even on the side of a bank building in Clearwater, Florida, recently.

She even appeared on TV! In Egypt, where She was appearing on the rooftop of Zeitun church. The event had been viewed by large crowds, of Christians, Muslims, and others, all who saw Her. Surprisingly, the image even showed up on the TV film of the news coverage of the crowds who had gathered to see Her.

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