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Hathor-Egyptian Goddess of Love

A beautiful magical sistrum, that I bought and painted. (It is a reproduction of those used in Hathor's Temples in ancient times.)
The sistrum was a magical wand of sorts for Hathor's Priests and Priestesses,
it was used in rituals of worship at Her temples, during the dancing celebrations
and is used in magical blessings, healings or other works done by Her Priests and Priestesses.
She is often shown with a sistrum Herself.

A couple of the doors in my home in Luxor Egypt are decorated with Hathor and Horus in ironwork on our front stained glass door at the end of the hallway in this pic,
and I painted Dendara Temple on my bedroom door.

Hathor is the Egyptian Goddess of Love, music, Joy, passion, and dance. I became a Priestess of hers after my (3rd) trip to Egypt in 2009.
She is not as well known as Her sister, Isis, or Her fellow Love Goddesses (Roman) Venus and (Greek) Aphrodite, but She should be on both counts,
as Hathor is an amazingly powerful, wise and helpful Goddess.

Hathor's temple at Dendara, Egypt as it looks now

And a Picture of me and my boyrfirend, Jalan at Dendara in the New Years day birth room in March 2017

Spell 103 From the Egyptian Book of the Dead:

I am one who passes by
Pure and bald
O, Sistrum Player,
I will be in the suite of Hathor.

Engraving of Dendara before it was in ruins.

Her temple at Dendara, Egypt is a magical place, 
that has amazing energy....her Priests and 
Priestesses use to carry her 'ba' a representation 
of her soul or spirit into the 'new years chapel' 
of the temple every new year.(That room of the 
temple seen in the above pic with me 
standing there...and seen below as it might have 
looked before it was in ruins, in a painting 
I did after I returned from that trip 
to Egypt in 2009.

Hathor's name was actually "Het Heru" in ancient Egyptian language. She is addressed in the Book of the Dead in a invocation:

"Hathor, Lady of the West; She of the West; Lady of the Sacred Land; Eye of Re which is on his forehead; Kindly of countenance in the Boat of Millions of Years; A resting-place for him who has done right with the boat of the blessed; Who built the Great Boat of Osiris in order to cross the Water of Truth."

This is another painting of how Hathor's Dendara temple looked when it was in use. (by unknown artist)

Hathor is often shown as a beautiful lady with cow ears
...or as a cow crowned with the solar disk...
or sometimes simply as a human woman, crowned and dressed in Egyptian royal garb.

This is a wall relief from Hatshepsut's temple near the Valley of the Kings in Upper Egypt... Showing The queen nursing from Hathor the cow.

Hathor Cow Painting By Ginger Strivelli

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