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Mother Earth's Temple

Names of the Mother Earth Goddess

(Painting of Mother Nature by Susan Boulet I believe.)

Mother Earth is unarguably the most universally worshiped Goddess through out the world, and all times. She was called by various names and titles by the various cultures from the beginning of time until the present. She is the Goddess of Creation, Harvest, Fertility, Pregnancy, and all areas of Motherhood and Womanhood.

(Painting By one of my favorite artist's Gilbert Williams)

She is often named various titles and names by the same culture as various stages of Her cycle…Maiden, mother, Crone. She also is often called differing names for the differing seasons of the agricultural year. Thusly the Apache simply called Her the Changing Woman to honor her ever changing seasons. She is often believed to be the Mother of the other Gods, and Humankind as well. She is often seen literally as the Mother 'Planet Earth' as well as our figurative spiritual Mother Goddess.

(Painting of the Intrernational Space Station orbiting Mother Earth by Ginger Strivelli)

The Mother Earth, Goddess off fertility has been worshiped for longer than any other God. A cave art in Laussel, France shows Her ample figure holding the cornucopia horn of plenty, has been dated to 20,000 BCE. An even older small statue which has been wrongly titled the 'Venus' of Willebdorf is clearly another Mother Earth Fertility Goddess image and it dates back to 30,000 BCE.

You might notice those two ancient Mother Goddess images are large 'plus sized' women not the super model modern beauty standard. Mother Goddess and Earth Goddesses were usually shown as very large figured women.

Mother Earth is still worshiped by native Americans, Hindus, and other modern Pagans....and in some sense even by Scientists and environmentalists today as we are finally starting to see and be concerned about the damage we are doing to our Mother Earth.

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