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Temple of Flora

Flora, the Goddess of Springtime, Flowers, fertility and nature, is known around the Mother Earth by other names;

("Princess Eudocia as Flora" Painting above by Vigee LeBrun)

Flora was worshiped in Rome as the Springtime Goddess. She was the "Florishing one," who was seen personified in the springtime flowers especially, but in all growing plants. Our english words; Floral, Flower, Florist, all are taken from Her name.

Roses by Victor Britvin

Flora's festival was called Floralia and was celebrated from April 27 until May 2. Thus she was the Goddess of Beltane, May Day, as well. This festival was a fertility celebration. The whole city was decorated with bunnies, eggs, and baskets of flowers. (Sound familiar?)

Torch Ginger Flower by Ted Mundorff

The Floralia festival ended in a great circus like games. Beans were thrown into the crowd, as a blessing of fertility. Goats, represently male fertility, and bunnies, representing female fertility, were released at the beginning of these games.

'do you see Flora' By Ginger Strivelli

In the later years of Rome's life, the festival took on a new flavor, when the civilian Prostitutes (There were also official Temple Harlots, but they were Priestesses of Venus.) adopted the Flora and Her festival as their own.

Waterlillies by Monet

After Rome fell, the festival continued in Celtic lands, as a modernized celebration of Beltane, or May Day, which they had already been celebrating themselves, to honor the coming of their Spring Goddess.

Roses by Albert Williams

Flora is seen in every every bud. She is the 'Florishing One' of Mother Nature's Daughters and we need to remember Her when ever we see one of Her mystical, magical, and beautiful flowers.

'Xochiquetzal' Axtec Flower Goddess By Ginger Strivelli

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