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Macon County Genealogies (updated March 2001)

Genealogy Reports (below)

Welcome to my homepage of Macon County Genealogies! I hope that you find the information presented here uesful. Here you will find four reports that pertain to my genealogy, some links to Macon County pages, and cemeteries I've surveyed (three online as of now). Some of my ancestors were pioneer settlers of Macon County, while others moved there after the county was formed. John T. Dalton was born in Rutherford County, NC, and moved to the Cowee area about 1845. Thomas Shepherd was born in Virginia and moved to the Cowee area about 1828. Joseph Welch was also a Rutherford County native, moving to Macon about 1830. While Maclin Kerr never lived in Macon, his daughter, born in Blount County, TN, moved after her marriage to Jeremiah Patterson in Jackson County to Macon County about 1896. Of course, there are lots of gaps in my info, and certainly several mistakes. I've done the best I could with what resources I have been able to get my hands on. Much of my information has been gleaned from the research of many cousins. If you connect with any of my families, or find mistakes that need correcting, I'd love to hear from you. Though I have never lived in Macon County, I have visited there often, meeting cousins, gem mining, researching at the courthouse, or visiting and surveying cemeteries. Some day, I hope to live in that most beautiful of valleys, the Cowee Valley, where many of my ancestors lived. --Philip Sheppard

Reports and Links to Macon County

Descendants of John T. Dalton
Descendants of Maclin Kerr
Descendants of Thomas Shepherd
Descendants of Joseph Welch
My Macon County Confederate Veterans
Macon County GenWeb (host: Jane Moyer)
Macon County Local History Network (host: Dawn Cabe)
Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, Cowee
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Cowee
Snow Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, West Mill, Cowee