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One of the most memorial events in my life, Prom.

Prom, one of the most important event in some teenagers life, and I was one of those teenagers, my date was drop dead gorgeous. She was a knock out, she will kill me when she see's this website, she is the bomb, all that and a bag of chips, and then some. Katrina was my date (the young lady that is on this page, exept two of our amigo's had a little problem, no dates, we decided to let them have a little fun, so Katrina danced with those two, and I sat down, dancing 7 times strait is a little tough. Then she made me dance more, now I love to dance, and I blame her for this.

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Life stinks, but love rocks, so deal with it. (I know, it didnt make sense, but I like the way it sounds, yeah)

Yes, I watch cartoons to, namely, Digimon, Sailormoon and, Dragonball DBZ and DBGT

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