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Last year, my date was awesome, but this year, my new date is my friend Kathryn, she is so awesome, and I will make sure to make sure she has a blast at the prom this year. I love being a Senior.

 Isn't she lovely, isnt she wonderful:) *smile*

Finally made it to the prom

Kathryn rules, she came, we all saw, we drooled, and life as we knew it ceiced to exist, we saw a sight of pure magnificence, an exellence beyond mortal sight. Im going to stop with the complementing, Kathryn already told me that she is going to kill me for complementing her so much on her own website.  Speaking of which, just click on the picture by herself to see her newsies website.

Life is woderful.

Hey, check this out, one of my best friends, Sarah, along side my prom date Kathryn, have you ever seen a more beautiful sight, naw, probably not.