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My Friends Page: Page Two, oh yeah

New to my Site.

The first beautiful women on this site are two of my dearest friends that I would give my
life to protect
Sarah Conway, and Katrina Hargrave.

power up now One of the most memorial events in my life, Prom.

Please sign my guest book after you check out this awesome page!!! Closest Friends Page Two, Sarah and Katrina, the goddesses of beauty and coolness.

Sarah and Katrina, the goddesses of beauty and coolness.

img src="" alt="Sarah and Katrina" width="400" height="275" border="5"> I Proudly present the beautiful ladies, from Left to Right

Sarah: We just met 3 School years back, she has proved to be a trustworthy friend, and I have decided, as long as I am around, If anyone messes with her, they answer to me! (she can make me laugh to tears to)In other words, she is like my little sister That I never had!

Katrina: I have known Katrina for four years, and she has become A wonderful/even more beautiful friend (one of my best), I would not want to give up this friendship for the world, I know I have been more than a pain in her neck at times, but the same goes for her, she has her good points and bad, just like the rest of us, she is cool, sweet (when she want's to be), but she is a friend who will be there if she can. I just want to thank her, she is awesome and I love her to death, same with all of my friends. They are the bomb, so deal with it.

Check out the rest of my web site. Its pretty cool.

My Prom, One of the most important events in some teens life
My Friend Kathryn:)
My Prom date for this year, I love my Life, dont you wish you had it, (kidding)
Alissa is finally on my website, yeaaaaahhhhh baby.