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Kathryn's cool, and newsies rule 

                      Check it:  Im Keith, a 19 year old senior at Jacksonville High School.  I met Kathryn about a year and a half ago at a chorus camp, she is so awesome, at the camp we went to I almost worshiped the ground she walked on, (Kathryn is going to kill me for this, but its worth embarrassing her just a tiny bit).  Kathryn has been a great listener when I needed someone to talk to and I have tried to do the same.  But anyway, I was asked to join this site, because I am one of the only guys she knows that likes newsies, go figure, I guess my favorite character's are Denton and David. That's about all I have to say for now.  So to all who read this page. take it easy, and read all about it.!!!

PS: To the guy's, dont drool over Kathryn and her other lady friends to much, Even though they are so Beautiful:)
Some new news, I have decided to redo my website, and its totally gonna rock, so get ready:)  

 If you want to check out my site that I am working on, just check out this link.