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Charlene Sumlin Message Board

Updated August 4, 2005

Hello, I am Charlene Sumlin-Cross

Attention Army Apprentices: The Fort Bragg Army Apprenticeship Office is located on the corner of Reilly and Macomb Road in the eArmyU Education Testing Services building. The building number is 2-1105 and I am located on the second floor in room 205. The new telephone number is 910-436-1332. My new office number off post is 910-867-8491. My fax number is the same as my off post telephone. I can also be reached on my cell phone at 910-308-9413. If you have not already registered for this great program, please come by and do so and for those of you who are registered, don't forget to turn in your log sheets. You can also access more information about this program by visiting the Ft. Bragg Web site and going to the Apprenticeship link.

For More Information about the Apprenticeship Program at Fort Bragg

For More Information about the Apprenticeship Program at Pope AFB

The Apprenticeship and Certification Program for the Military

e-mail to Charlene Sumlin

Mailing Address: Mrs. Charlene D. Sumlin-Cross Apprenticeship and Training P.O. Box 53634 Fayetteville, NC 28305-3634

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