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Rules For Webring

So you want to join the 'Into The Millennium' Webring, huh? Well, read these rules to join and continue on!

Please read the following before submitting your website to the webring:

  • Your site must be BSB related consisting of all members or individual members.
  • Your site must be updated at least every month, no later than that.
  • Must have at least 2 links of pages. (i.e. First link is Biographies, Second is News)
  • Must be ran by you. (Can be co-ran by others too. But this must be your site you are submitting)

    Does your site follow all those rules? If so, read on. If not, please do not join webring.

    After you finish reading the rules please click on the continue button at the bottom of this page to submit your site.

    After you submit your site, please copy the HTML code for my webring and paste it on your main page or if you have a webrings page. I will look over your site to make sure you have the HTML on your page before submitting your site into the ring.

    See you in the ring!

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