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P.S.-Some of you might have noticed that I've removed some of the stories that I previously had up. Well...after evaluating the concept of the 'What Would They Think?' challenge, I have decided NOT to put any sexually explicit fanfics on my website. Absolutely NO stories containing graphically sexual scenes, or sex before marriage (solely because I don't believe in it) will be put on this webpage. Sorry for the inconvenience!

"I, Panda Angel, strongly support and advocate the 'What Would They Think' challenge."

**Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Backstreet Boys, their band, their management, their girlfriends, or their family. These stories are fictional and were written for your entertainment. Any factual events occuring in these fanfics are purely coincidental. Enjoy the stories and please remember that they are "fanfics", meaning they are fictional stories written by fans. :-}

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