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Our main objective is to provide customized, individual care for each pet. The goal is to reduce the scary effect encountered by the animals when they are away from their usual enviroment. Beds, biscuits, toys & plenty of T.L.C. all help to promote a happier pet when staying at the kennel. Should an emergency arise you will be notified as soon as possible and your pet will be taken to your personel vet. If he/she is unavailable our own vet will be called. Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the owner.

Don't be surprised if your kennel operator asks you to leave your dog in the kennel office, rather than allowing you to place your dog in his run. This is done so that your dog will see you leave and will realize that you have entrusted him or her to the care of the kennel operator. It also eliminates the possibility of your dog getting the erroneous impression that you are placing him in the run to "guard" it. When dogs get that impression, they sometimes become aggressive (this same response often happens when house sitters try to enter your home during your absence).

All of this information helps your kennel take better care of your pet, especially if there is any type of emergency requiring special action. This is what professional care is all about. Anyone can feed your pet, as long as nothing goes wrong. But what you want for your pet is supervision by someone who can assess and respond properly to emergencies. Inspection of the facilities is always welcome & owners are in residence.

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