Shanny gets drunk

Jeff, Gil, and RVD lined up the shot glasses and smiled.

Jeff: We is gonna git him wastid!
RVD: Oh yeah man ::puff puff:: it's gonna be nice! ::exhale::
Gil: Nass...yeah...i'll tell ya what's nass, thayat Mawksie chick frum da nHo partays! NAW THAYAT CHICK -
Jeff: Dadday be nass!
Gil: Oops :hornygilbert
RVD: Who's gonna call the little bugger? ::puff puff::
Jeff: I will...I'll tell him we is gonna dye our hahr agin!!
RVD: Alighty...
Jeff picked up the phone and dialed Shannon's #.

Shannon: Yep? I is heyer!
Jeff: Shanny? It's Jeyeff! Luk...we is gonna git ya our hahr! GIt heer naw!!
Shannon: Thayat sounds nass...*hangs up*

Jeff smiled.

Jeff: it worked...naw how is we gonna git him ta drink?
RVD: ::puff puff:: The same way I got you to smoke...just show him it's good...yeah... ::exhale::

10 minutes later Shannon showed up at the house, Gil smiled and answered the door.

Shannon: Hah Gil, Jeffie invitid me heyer cuz we is gunna dye our hahr!
Gil: Hahr huh? Wel boay git in heyer naw! Git in! *pulls Shannon inside*

They walked into Jeff's living room where they had shot glasses lined up, and bottles sitting all over the table.

Shannon: This don't nawt luk like dye! *examines bottle and sits on the couch next to Jeff*
Jeff: It's alcihawl! It makes ya feel nass! *takes a shot of vodka* :drunkJeff
Shannon: I ain't nawt gunna drink this stuff!
RVD: Shanny ::puff puff:: Dude, check it out...this shit is 10 times better than dye ::exhale:: just try a bit.
Shannon: Ok *picks up bottle and pours on head* EWWW!! STINKAY!
Shannon: don't nawt smell nass! I don't nawt wanna drink! :innocentshannon
Gil: *Grabs Shannon's hair* DRINK BOAY! *pours vodka in Shannon's mouth* THEYER!
Shannon: WHY DID YEW...woah.. :drunkshannon Nass...
All but Shannon: WOOHOO!
Jeff: Naw Shannon is drunk ayand - hey!!
Shannon: *on the ground sucking on bottle*
RVD: woah dude...don't kill yourself now *takes bottle*

10 minutes later Shannon was sitting on the couch rambling aimlessly

Shannon: And when I feel nass I wanna ::burp:: I wanna git nekked and strip for mah mawm! Nass!! :drinks: What...I mean mean who are ya Jeffy? Jeff...what is yer name?
Jeff: Ummm...I fergit...I think it's Jeff! DADDAY WHAT IS MAH NAME?
Gil: It's damn I sher wish yer mother was here gawd dammit!
RVD: His name is cuddlebug!
All: ::Hysterical laughter::

Soon Shannon fell flat on his face, and RVD, Jeff, and Gil, were standing over him kicking him...

Jeff: Shanny ::poke poke:: Git up naw!
RVD: Dude...get up...
Shannon: Wha...*stands up and hobbles* where am I *passes out again*
Gil: Well boays...let's leave him 'til dah mornin'...let's awl go git sum frum dem HnF girls...AND MAWKSIE!! OOOOH YEAH BABAY! WOOWOO!! ::burp:: Hey...luk a camera...
Jeff: *puts face in camera* HAH!! :doofyJeff
*Camera fuzzes up*

Holly's note: I'll take a page from Ari's book and say I in no way condone the use of alcohol...nor do I condone pouring alcohol down Shannon Moore's throat. Like Ahray said, if you wanna do it...hey...go ahead...get pie faced *ahem* But you didn't hear that here :) Anyways, this was inspired by Ari's "Flyin High" Hidden Camera...if that wasn't obvious :) :inspiredhawlie

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