The Legend of Super Nero

Once apon a time in the little town of Cameron North Carolina,a man, a woman, and a small boy who loved tube socks, found a tiny eggplant pod floating in the river at the end of a rainbow near their home. "Welp I wonder what thiyis is" Said the man to the woman. "I think it's nass..." she said to the man. "TOOB!!" the little boy shouted at the pod. The man opened up the pod and inside lay a small purple haired baby. "Welp isn't thayat sumpin'" said the woman. They took the baby home, and since the man's name was Gilbert and the boys name was Matt, and the woman was known as "MOM", they called the baby "Jeffrey Nero" and loved him like their own.
Over the years Jeffre Nero grew stronger, and soon Mom passed on. Jeffrey, Matt, and Gil were very sad, but they moved on...with their socks and skittles..and asscapes.
Gilbert worked hard in the tobacco fields, and he took Matt and Jeffrey Nero with him. Jeffrey often flew around the fields with his magical asscape, planting skittle trees amoung the tobacco. They were beautiful plants. "These are nass" Jeffrey would often say. "Nass indeed.." Matt said back.
In later years Jeffrey Nero and Matt became pro wrestlers...spreading their love through out the land. Matt's tube sock obsession grew...and Jeffrey known as Super Nero...coninued to plant skittle trees and fly about like a silly angel...
One day Super Nero woke up, in a puddle of his magical the middle of his girlfriends bedroom floor...and was inspired to do something "nass"...something giving. He slipped on his magical eggplant undies...and ran all the way to the nHo and HnF headquarters. He gathered all the girls and told them to close their eyes "It'll be nass" he smiled. They all closed their eyes and Super Nero brought in a stereo...a huge one...he turned on some rave/dance music...and told all the girls to look. Super Nero gave each and everyone of them a special 'blessin' and then he was on his way..."Who was that?" asked the youngest, most corrupt one. "That.." said the ghetto New Yorker "Was Super Nero..."
Super Nero was always helping out like his services to whom ever need them. One time he even went all the way to England just to visit his British friends...
Super Nero had magical powers too, he had hypnotic nipples and his drool was purple and blue and tasted just like the skittles he always ate. Nero thought he had rhymthm...he danced around everywhere banging his head and screaming at the top of his lungs. Yes, in a way it did actually look good...but, who ever heard of a dancing super hero?
Supe Nero was a self proclaimed super day he even painted a big "N" on his chest, put on his asscape, and dove off the top of the house onto Matt and his tube sock fort."YEW AIN'T NAWT NASS!!" Matt yelled at him as Super Nero giggled. "I am SUPER NERO! Here to fight eeeevil! And make awl da gurls think mah nippuls are nass..."
Super Nero had many friends...and many enemies. One of those enemies was SAWCKMAYAN! Matt's alter ego! Some day's Sawckmayan and Super Nero would get into fights...throwing socks and skittles at each other. always lost because he was very careful with his socks and didn't want to throw them too hard...and he always tried to catch the skittles in his mouth.
Another one of Super Nero's enemies was The Edgester, Edge's alter-alter ego :) His super power was his tooth paste and his super reflectived teeth...The Edgester always blinded Super Nero...but he still, in the end...was no match for Super Nero's nipples.

So you see my friends...Super Nero is a great man...his nipples taste like skittles (er...not that I know or anything :evilhawlie) and he brings joy to all the little boys and girls of Cameron...AND BEYOND!