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The Virtual Museum of Ric Flair's Historic Robe

Hello! I would like to welcome you to The Official Museum of Ric Flair's Historic Robe. I hope you enjoy your visit with us!


Inside the museum, you will see many "one-of-a-kind" artifacts on display. Many of these items were actually worn by the 16-time World Champion in the ring and helped to play an intregal part in the evolution and popularity of the sport of Professional Wrestling. Best of all, admission is free!

Be sure to visit the newest section of the Museum that is dedicated to two of the Mid-Atlantic's all-time greatest venues by clicking the image above.

Due the popularity of this site and my continued acquisition of historical wrestling artifacts, I have decided to incorporate another museum. This site showcases historical pieces of wrestling memorabilia. The museum will include rare, never before seen photographs of some of the most historically significant pieces of wrestling history; a collection that proudly encompasses six decades in the sport: from the 1950's until the present day. Click here to enter.

The items that you will see featured in this museum are from my own personal, private collection. They are not available for purschase, but please take the time to enjoy the displays. All images contained herein are © property of JWP Enterprises, INC. and can not be reproduced without prior consent from the author.

I started this website as a kind-of "virtual museum." My name is West Potter and I am huge sports fan and an even bigger wrestling fan. I live in the great Tar Heel state of North Carolina, a staple of Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling for years on the Jim Crockett tour. If you haven't guessed, I am a "Nature Boy" fanatic. I enjoy collecting sports memorabilia and over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to incorporate my passion for collecting with my passion for wrestling. To learn more about West Potter, click here

I guess in some small way we all are fans of Ric Flair; at the least we have to respect him. The man has been at the top of his sport since he began wrestling, winning his first title (The Mid-Atlantic Tag Strap w/ Rip Hawk) in only his second year of competition in 1974. I am a professed fan of the "old-school" style of wrestling.

All of the artifacts in the Ric Flair Museum are truely "one-of-a-kind" and are irreplaceable. I hope that by viewing these items, you can gain an appreciation for the art form that, at one time, was the sport of wrestling. This memorabilia serves as a link to the history of this great sport. These items represent the very best that wresltling had to offer. Back in an age when the wrestlers wreslted and the title belts had more meaning than just a prop for business.


My personal favorite piece of memorabilia in my collection is a true piece of Americana, well, at least wrestling Americana: Ric Flair's worn Ring Robe. "The Robe," as I have so cleverly dubbed it (lame joke) is probably considered by many as Ric Flair's most important, hence the "historical" title. Die-hard wrestling fans will easily recall the robe to which I am referring as Flair wore this robe to the ring for many years early in his career. Most notably in his very first NWA World Championship win over Dusty Rhodes and his second NWA World Championship victory over former NWA Champ, Harley Race. I have this true, one-of-a-kind item, and I wanted to share it with everyone else, and give them a chance to see it, and appreciate it just as much as I do. I kind of look at this as as mini online museum! Enjoy:

Meeting the Man

On Monday, January 22, 2001 at the Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem, NC I came face-to-face with my hero, the legendary Ric Flair. "The Nature Boy" has had many classics battles at the Coliseum during his Mid-Atlantic days. On this day, he was not battling anyone, but rather, he took the time to sign the robe and the boots and chat for a moment. I would like to thank Mr. Flair and Mr. Charles Robinson.

This picture of Mr. Flair and myself was taken shortly before he returned to the WWE in October, 2002 while he was doing some promotional work in North Carolina:


For you other die-hard Ric Flair marks out there, I know you are thinking that the robe is a must have for your own collection. Well, I am sorry, but the robe is in good hands and is quite happy at it's current residence. I have had several offers made concerning the purchase of the robe however, the robe is not for sale. The constitution is not for sale and this is a lot more important than that piece of paper! Ok, now you're asking yourself "How did this guy get the robe?" Well, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a guy who wanted to sell it. I have always wanted to own a Ric Flair robe, I just never dreamed it would be the best one he ever had! My heart sank. I knew this was going to a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Now you know "how." And the rest, as they say, is history. I won the robe when it was put up for auction and I am quite proud for the amount I was able to take this treasure home for. At first I thought spending my life savings was a little crazy. However, I later learned the robe was custom handmade by Ms. Olivia Walker and cost a whopping $4,500 just to make! I soon realized you can't put a price on history.

Here is a pic of the me in this great work of art:


--The Robe currently rests on a mannequin so it stands about 6 feet tall.

--The overall composite of The Robe is a thick, heavy cotton-the same material heavy drape, antique-style curtains are made of.

--The Robe weighs around 40 pounds. You have to have muscles just to wear it!

--The Robe is covered with an estimated 500-700 Austrian Rhinestones(the highest clarity). The rhinestones are "crimpped" by hand into the robe for added glitz and cost about $2 each.

--The Robe is trimmed with hundreds of blue peacock feathers. Unfortunately because of the age and wear the Robe has experienced, it is tearing in several places and the most vulnerable are the feathers. This makes moving The Robe extremely difficult. With each move, more and more feathers fall off.

--As you can see from the picture, The Robe spreads out to become wing-like. The inside is made of thousands of silver sequins. All hand sewn.


The Robe is very fragile from the age and wear of a legend and is in great need of restoration. Unfortunately, Mrs. Olivia Walker, the maker of Ric Flair's beautiful ring robes, passed away in Hawaii on October 2, 2000. Restoring it to its full glory would certainly enhance the visual appeal, however the original character would be lost. To read an article published in 1989 about Ms. Walker click here

Other Unique Flair Memorabilia

In addition to the robe, I also have more Flair memorabilia as part of my collection. I recently had the pleasure of adding several more rare artifacts to the museum in addition to the green, hand made, alligator skin and leather boots below. Upon further research, I have concluded these boots to be older than previously thought. The boots are in such good shape that I originally dated them from the late 1980's. However, I now believe them to be as old as the late 1970's. They still have a few good matches left too!

Other recent additions to the museum include more of Ric Flair's boots, a pair of his trunks,a unique, custom-made belt buckle and an NWA World Championship belt signed by the Man who made it famous!

These boots are black and red. They were worn by Flair in the latter part of the 1980's until the early 1990's-just when he was entering the World Wrestling Federation. These two boots are both for the left feet. They are of the same design, but two different styles. The boot that Flair holds in the picture below has white eyeletts. This suggests that this is one of the boots he worn when he made his WWF debut!

Click here to see this boot.

The boot pictured in this link has the same design as the boot above, but upon closer inspection, a different style. It has no eyeletts and a different colored sole. These are indicators that this boot is older than it's counterpart. This may be the same boot that Flair wore in his legendary battle with Ricky Steamboat in their celebrated 1989 match at the "Chi-Town Rumble."

Click here to see this boot.

The Trunks are custom made for Ric Flair. They are hand-sewn and have his custom "RF" initials in the upper right corner. They were desinged by K&H Originals, the oldest supplier of wrestling gear. These trunks were also likely worn in the historic "Chi-Town" rumble match with Steamboat. The trunks are red and now bring me one step closer to having the complete set of Ric Flair ring-worn gear. Now, I am only missing the knee pads!

Click here to see the Trunks.

Little is known about this next item. It is a custom-made, one-of-a-kind belt buckle that seems to be welded together from tough stainless steel. The insigna represents Flair's last initial, "F." It was given to him as a gift from a friend. It is thick and very heavy.

Click here to see the buckle.

Here is a picture of Ric Flair signing a replica of the NWA World Heavyweight Title that he helped to make so famous all over the globe:

Click here to see the Belt.

Another addtion to the museum includes one of Ric Flair's original paychecks. The check is dated September 14, 1984 in the amount of $2, 970. It stems back from a match worked for Robert Geigel (who also signed the check) in the St. Louis Wrestling club sector of the NWA. Also included are front and back scans including Flair and wife Elizabeth's signature for endorsement. I also have the actual program from the night in which this check was issued, however, it is too large to display here. (Email for pics!) On another interesting side note, the check is creased down the middle. This most likely indicates, as is common with most of Flair's checks, that it was folded and put into the pouch that Flair kept inside of the case that held his coveted NWA World Title! Flair defended his world title on this night against home town favortie, Harley Race, at St. Louis' historic Kiel Auditorium.

To view the front of this check, please click here.

To view the back of this check, please click here.

Another unique piece that I recently stumbled upon was found right here in my hometown of Greenville, NC! I have begun researching Jim Crockett Promotion wrestling cards that were held in my area during the Golden Age. I have spoken with old-time fans who recall matches at local high schools, ball parks, etc. They reminisced about the days when wrestlers wrestled; when Flair battled Steamboat for an hour. When Wahoo bloodied Valentine.

Keeping with tradition, I have researched and located an actual newspaper ad and brief article (with picture of US Champ, Ric Flair!) promoting a match held in Greenville during September, 1977. The promo was published in the September 18 edition of The Daily Reflector newspaper. The results were most likely not published:

Click here to see the Newspaper Advertisment promoting this match.

Click here to see the brief article that was written about this match.

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling/Ric Flair Posters. These date circa the late 1970's:

Ric Flair vs Harley Race

Ric Flair vs Bobo Brazil

Ric Flair vs Jimmy Snuka

Ric Flair & Andre the Giant v. Greg Valentine


Obviously, I am a huge fan of Ric Flair. I have the one thing that "The Nature Boy" has always striven to ascertain from the fans, respect. Night in and night out Flair put his NWA title belt on the line. He defended it against the top contenders not only in the NWA, but also the would-be champs from challenging federations. Why?? Not because he was "The Man." Not because he set a precedent of "Walkin the Isle." But because he busted his @$$ every night to be sure he entertained us the, fans. He knew the fans paid their hard earned money to see him wrestle. Wrestling was, and is very much "real," thanks to the legend that is "The Nature Boy." That, that is why I have respect for Ric Flair. Because he wasn't a paper champion like the "other" federation's major star at the time. The blood, the sweat, the tears, they were all real. And for that Mr. Flair, I thank you.

Please note, I am ALWAYS looking for more rare Ric Flair memorabilia that to add to my collection. If he used it, wore it, cashed it, I want it. Feel free to contact me here: Anything that is unique Flair, I am interested!

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