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My Favorite Wrestling Venues

My Favorite Arenas

This page was created as a small way to pay homage to two of the Mid-Atlantic's greatest arenas. These are venues that I have been to many times, and are symbols of what I love about Mid-Atlantic (and territorial) wrestling. To me, these buildings embody all that the glory days of Mid-Atlantic wrestling represented: an intangible "personal" warmth that attracted fans and over the years earned enough of my favor and, more importantly my respect, to garner a webpage in their honor!

The Legendary J.S. Dorton Arena at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC.

An inside shot of this historical wrestling venue.

Another shot from within the elliptic-shaped structure!

Rare black and white shot from inside of Dorton taken November 11, 1980 as the ring crew prepares for the that evening's show. This shot is rare for several reasons, most notablely the shot breaks kayfabe. The main event that night, for the NWA TV title, featured Ricky Steamboat defeating Roddy Piper via disqualificaiton. The card was promoted under the Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling banner by Joe H. Murnick Inc.

This rare still is from the July 31, 1985 card held at Dorton Arena. The card, promoted by Joe H. Murnick, Inc., featured Ric Flair v. Buddy Landel for the NWA Heavyweight Title in the main event and Tully Blanchard v. Magnum TA for the US Title in the semi-main event. This great crowd shot showcases the unique atmosphere that only Dorton could provide.

A screen capture, courtsey of Dick Bourne, that highlights Dorton's fimilar windows in the background of the 1986 Raleigh Bash opening match of the Warlord v. Gene Ligon

Newspaper Advertisements

News and Observer promotional advertisement from the first wrestling event ever held at Dorton Arena, March 5, 1963:

News and Observer promotional advertisement from the November 2, 1965 card at Dorton that featured the legendary Haystacks Calhoun and a successful defense of the World Championship by undisputed titlest, Lou Thesz!:

News and Observer promotional advertisement from the March 20, 1979 card at Dorton that featured a classic battle in wresling's greatest feud: Ric Flair against Ricky Steamboat:

The Norfolk Scope:

The Norfolk Scope in Norfolk, VA: the site of many classic Mid-Atlantic matches!

World Wrestling Entertainment's Logo Banner hangs high above the ring in the rafters of Scope shortly before WWE RAW aired live August 19, 2002!

Prior to the live TV taping of the August 19, 2002 RAW, WWE aired a moving retrospective video showcasing many classic moments in the history of the sport. Here is a snapshot of the unforgettable Andre the Giant as he graced the big screen at Scope.

The Rock poses for the fans prior to his main event match at Scope against Triple H.

The Rock and Triple H exchange a verbal assault before their bout in Norfolk.

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