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The Potty Pages of Asheville NC

Asheville's Advocate for Clean Public Restrooms

The Potty Patrol, PO Box 6514, Asheville, NC 28816

**New for September: new links and new additions to Tidy and Pooty lists**

Disgusted with the constantly unsanitary conditions in many of the public restrooms I visited, I wondered just what I could ever do to change things for the better. Giving the store the benefit of the doubt - maybe they didn't realize just how nasty their bathroom was - I made it a habit to inform the employees and/or the management whenever their restroom appeared "neglected." Many months later, I can say with total honesty, "I tried." In most cases, my plea was totally ignored.

So I thought long and hard - what more could I do? The staff had been told and they had chosen to do nothing to improve the overall condition of their public restroom. But, perhaps if their potential customers knew the truth, these fine establishments would clean up their act! Hmmm... An IDEA!

The Potty Pages are born! So, you see, this webpage was not created as a joke. Nor do I, or any of the contributers, have malicious intent. My sole purpose is to report our observations. Read on for the Potty Patrol's OFFICIAL FINDINGS...

Tidy Toilets And Pretty Potties (Clean Public Restrooms)

Business and Address Overall Cleanliness Stocked Comments Follow-Ups
Dairy Queen, Tunnel Road good yes toilet paper very hard to reach NEW!!
McDonald's - 950 Patton Ave. good yes stalls too small!! still nice
Subway - 1565D Patton Ave. very nice yes smelled pleasant  
Pizza Hut - 163 Smoky Pk Hwy. very nice yes    
Popeye's - 307 Smoky Pk Hwy. clean yes    
Burger King - 1296 Patton Ave. clean yes smelled nice continually nice
Wendy's - 1000 Patton Ave. clean yes   good
Waffle House - Smoky Pk Hwy. clean yes sweet-smelling  
Bojangles - 974 Patton Ave. good yes smelled very clean  
Wal-Mart - Tunnel Rd. good yes smelled like smoke fair
Little Pigs BBQ - McDowell St. best I've seen yet yes I'd like to live there! wonderful
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - 960 Patton Ave. clean yes   good


Pooty Potties (Stop only in extreme emergencies)

Business and Address Overall Cleanliness Stocked Comments Follow-Ups
Asheville Mall - South Tunnel Road (restroom at corner of Babbage's and Victoria's Secret) filthy no towels or toilet paper trash overflowing; hot, stuffy, and odorous NEW!!
Books-A-Million - Overlook Village, 136 S. Tunnel Road neglected no toilet paper or handsoap 2 of 4 toilets unflushable moved from "Tidy" list, 9/2
Phar-Mor - Overlook Village gross no toilet paper in half the stalls toilet stopped up, floor wet floor usually dry, but overall still gross
Bi-Lo - 337 New Leicester Hwy. nasty somewhat restroom was once a challenge to access, but walkway has since been cleared IMPROVING
K-Mart - 1001 Patton Ave. trashy no towels, floor wet and/or covered with paper both restrooms were bad, also had stopped up sink for more than 2 weeks, door in stall (deli) restroom won't lock or stay closed IMPROVING
Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1030 Patton Ave. slightly dirty no towels or toilet paper (or holders for them), no soap this is also the employees' restroom! this condition has continued for 2 of 3 visits to this store
Michael's Arts and Crafts - 299 Swannanoa River Rd. dirty no towels looks like they never mop, toilets unsanitary no better
Innsbruck Mall - 85 Tunnel Rd. grungy no toilet paper or towels mall refuses to stock restroom because toilet paper gets stolen; hand dryer won't heat once (of 4 visits) there WAS toilet paper and towles


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