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Welcome to the place to find all the sickest sites!

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Greetings and Salutations!

To start things off, I am a very sick and twisted individual. Obviously,you are too, or you wouldn't be here, so don't deny it.Heh. Anyway, I was getting really bored of searching for the sites that make me laugh through all the other search engines. I either came up with dead ends, or really lame sites. Well, here you don't have to worry about that, cuz I did all the searching already.(You lazy bastards.)


O.k., here is a listing of some of my favorites, and be warned some of these are very sick and may contain adult themes....if you don't want to see really gross shit and you are offended by this sort of material, then click here.

If not then click on any of these links to join the rest of us sick fucks in our world of dementia.Have fun!

Red Meat - from the secret files of Max Cannon(I really like this one, spent a long time just getting over the stomache pains from laughing so hard.)

The Ballad of the Bobbit Hillbillies (Sing to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies) Bumper_stickers : If you're driving close enough to read these, you should be scared ( Just plain funny. Male veiwer discretion advised.Also, sick Barbies and a whole load of other hilarious crap.)

Zooass!(I'm not sure, I forgot what is excactly on this one....)

Weird ways to order pizza(Yup, funny.)

Faces of Death(Excactly what it says,folks. Sick and nasty and all that we adore here.)

Bert is evil!!(I know we all knew it, but, DAMN!The evidence is here!)

Find out your personal deathday!(Um, Yay? Do I get a present then?)

It's Jeffy Jokes!(Know why Jeffrey Dahmer didn't eat clowns? They taste funny.)

Lifestyles Of The Sick & Twisted(Um....O.k.)

One Morbid Ass Site of Odd and Strange Stuff(Sick, and Twisted...oooo..chills :)


It's what we all wanna do to Elmo!!!(one word...YES!!!)

Donald Duck gets Blown....Going down?

Hot and Hard Links...Adults Only!!

Find some of the Sickest shit anywhere....(eeeep!)

Free Hentai! Uncensored free

Hentai!(free Hentai...WoO!)('s broken and I ain't fixin' it..)

HOT!!FREE!!(OH MY GOD!!UH..........?)

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I will be adding more as the days go by. Feel free to e-mail me withHATE MAIL or suggestions. Hate mail will be posted here, so if you want to be seen for witless comments that you may make, go ahead

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