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Welcome to Teem and Abra 's Laboritory!

Teem and Abra's Pokéfiction Page is now with 8 essential vitamins and minerals!

Hi. Oh, I am consumed by boredom! I finished all my Harry Potter books, there is nothing on TV, I'm sick of all my N64 games (basically just because I only have 2: Diddy Kong Racin, which is ok but annoying, and Zelda which is cool but I'm just don't wanna beat the last 2 Temples)...Oh I AM BORED! Wait...I'll go to a message board! YEAH!!::stomps off to find a message board, laughing evily::

Teem's Section: I've done it! I've done it! They said it couldn't be done, but I done it! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Igor! Throw the switch and let the world feast upon my GENIUS!!!
Delet: Yes, master... heeeeehhhhehhhh...
Teem & Abra have a new home! Go to to see for yourelf! BWAHAHA!

Sirius' Section: HEEEYYYY KIDS! ::Honks a horn and squirts Teem with a water flower pistol thingy:: Unky Siwius is here! Heh, just kidding. Nothing new.

And Now For Something... Completely Different...

Click here for descriptions about the characters (including our made-up ones) in case you're a little confused...

This page contains descriptions on lesser characters and files sent to us by fans and friends

Enough of this mindless character drivel... ON WITH THE STORIES!!!

Da' new place!

Ah, Yes, Links...

Click Here for our Big Page 'O' Linx & Fun!!! (Hey, we've gotta' get people to look at the links SOMEhow!)

Hate our stories? Confused by 'em? Or just plain bored?

Teem: Or maybe ::gasp:: you LIKE them!
Abra: Write to us and tell us! We wanna' know! ^_^
Teem: That's right! We have nothing better to do with our lives!
Sirius: You people never include me in this stuff! - -;

Abra: I need to know! I NEED TO KNOW! Does anyone besides our friends come here?! I NEED TO KNOOWWW!! ::puff huff, wheez wheez::

Teem: Hiya, folks! OOH! Send me mail, wouldya? That'd be sooo cool!
Delet: No letters from female fans! ::snarl::

Sirius: Send Fan Mail to ME! I have to get Teem to forward all of his Fan Mail to me.... - -;
Meowth: Just E-mail to me Because Im bitter and Jealous of Teem!!!