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My Thoughts

For a while now, I have been writing down my thoughts. I decided to publish them here so other people could read them, and see how insane I actually am. They were down for a while, but I put them back up, because I like them. ;-)

Someone once told me that Thursday was really Monday. But if Thursday was really Monday, would we hate Thursday more than Monday? Because everyone hates Monday because it’s the start of the work/school week, but if Thursday was really Monday would it then also be true that Monday is really Thursday? I guess we’ll never know.

Every day I spend hours playing solitaire on my computer and waisting a perfectly good life in doing so. Who’s fault is that? Not mine I dont’ think. In my opinion it is the fault of the people who put solitaire on the computer in the first place, because I wouldn’t play it so often if it weren’t there so readily for my use. So I blame my lazyness on the makers of Computers. It’s there fault, not mine.

The violence among youth today is astounding and it is very traumatic to view it in school everyday. For example watching Pat kick Carson is very traumatic even though she quite often deserves it. I think that we should find a better way to solve our differences because violence is not the answer!

What if every day were christmas? That would be pretty expensive for the people doing the purchasing of gifts for the little kids, though it would be fun because they would get presents every day, and never have to go to school. I think the world would be a better place if every day were christmas. Except evenutally everyone would get tired of it, and it would loose all it’s charm and people would just stop caring, as they do with all things that started out good. Why is this? Because people suck.

Why do people associate blue with boys and pink with girls I think it has to do with the fact that they short-changed girls on everything else so Hey lets give 'em a crappy colour while we're at it I mean come on EVERYONE likes the colour blue Who was the last person you met that said their favorite cvolour was pink They could have given girls green or yellow or something but NO we were given the least respected colour availabe I think it should be part of the women's rights movement to get that changed.

In the Princess bride, in the battle of wits where Westely and that weird little guy who says inconceivable all the time (his name escapes me at the moment) are drinking the poisoned wine, the Princess is blindfolded. Now, if that blindfold were doing it is job, which is keep her from seeing things, then we have a big problem here, because as soon as that little guy dies she says “but all the time the poison was in your cup” to Westley, but HOW COULD SHE HAVE KNOWN THAT?? She was blindfolded, and unless that piece of cloth magically became transparent for a moment while Westley was putting the poison in the cups, she could not have known. So if someone has figured out how she knew his cup was poisoned without seeing what happened, I would like them to let me know, because I have watched that movie repeatedly and I still cannot figure it out.


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