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This is a new page that will be up for a short time, and it only has one poem. I will be honest- It's not a very good poem. But it has been found rather amusing, and I decided to put it up in honor of my super-hero friend, Heather the Amazing.

Heather the Amazing

A frightened cry rang through the streets.

"Help! Criminal! Stop! Thief!"

People thronged to where they’d heard the cry,

Where a little old lady told passers-by.

"He stole my purse!" she was heard to say.

But someone else shouted "Help is on the way!"

“Heather the Amazing!" "Who is she?"

Came the confused buzz from the crowd like a thousand bees.

"That crook stole my purse!" the old lady cried.

"Then I’ll get it back!" was Heather’s reply.

Then up she flew, high into the air,

Until she spotted the criminal, far below, down there.

She stopped in front of him, and drew in a breath.

"You stole a purse," she told him, "but wouldn’t you rather have a weasel instead?"

(This is how Heather the Amazing works, I should add-

She confuses the hell out of people until they go mad)

" A weasel???" he said, intelligent look on his face.

“A weasel,” she said, standing firmly in place.

No more needed said, she took the purse and flew away.

Once again, Amazing Heather has saved the day!


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