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Here are some of the better poems I've written over the years. I hope you like them- As I said before, Heather is a far better poet than I, and perhaps I will have one of hers later on.

But before I get to the poetry, I'd like to make a side note that this link was down for some time b/c of a certain someone ::CoughTrystanCough:: who didn't think my poetry was that good. Or more specificly, didn't think the Heather the Amazing poetry was that good. SO I'd like it to be noted that this person sucks. That is all.


In dreams, Of days long past and gone, I fall forever down smooth slopes Of obsidean, Shimmering darkly under the glittering sun. People are watching, Some few reaching out To halt my descent. But I cannot see their faces, and They do not hold for long. Down, endlessly deeper, Some watchers laughing, others Turn away. And then, through the crowd of hazy figures, A hand, sure and strong, Reaches out to catch me, and pull Me from the Nightmare, Comforts me and tells me To let it go, the past is past, My memories are Simply Dreams.


Into the night, Into the darkness, Plunging through the moon-dark woods. Running, Running, Always running, Running away from things of darkness, Through the wind-swept, Rain-slick woods. Thunder crashes above the tress, Roots stick out, unseen, from the mud, Reaching out to trip Those who are unwary. Rain pours down through the leaves and twigs reach out To tear at uncovered flesh. The howl of evil, The howl of things of darkenss, Always there, Always following, Threatening to fill the mind and heart With shadows such as those the world Has never seen before.

A Different View

Out the window before me, The world beyond these walls, Breezes sway the blooming trees And blue sky shows through puffy clouds. A spring time bloom as always before, A spring that follows the winter chill.

But out a different window, And through a different view, The trees are so tall, they pierce the sky, And clouds clothe branches, not leaves. The grass in gone and in it's place, Cherry blossoms bloom, And in the crystal clear blue sky The leaves are floating by.

Both worlds are the same, together as one, And the windows same as well. But it depends on whose eyes are looking, If you see a different view.

Back to Paradise

Drifting in a velvet blackness of sleep, On soft clouds of random thoughts And wandering dreams, I see his face, close though miles away, Smiling a gentle warmth, Ans suddenly I am there. Just a smile and I'm back to paradise, If only for a short while. I feel the soft breeze of the summer evening Brush against my face; The sandy beach, still sun-warmed though the sun itself has sank in ribbons of purple and scarlet fire, And the stars twinkle in the east over the tranquil ocean. I feel his arms around me, Holding me close as we watch the stars come out to play in the receeding twilight. And I know that very soon I will have to leave, Back to the waking world where he and I are far apart. But tomorrow, when I sleep, I can return back to my paradise, And we can be together again.

The Waterfall

Sheets of falling crystals Tumble down over cliffs of Jasper and Agate Sending Shoots of Rainbows to arch across the sky. Thousands of tiny Diamonds Cascade into the water Down, down to shatter into fragmetns when they Meet the fury of the Water.

Silver Teardrops

As the fall storm rolls in... The wind howls in rage, And the trees quiver with fear of it. And the clouds cry Silver teardrops.

As the winter fury blows... The buildings creak in the chill, And the grass sighs in the wind. And the clouds cry Crystal teardrops.

When the spring rains come in... The flowers peek above ground, And the leaves spread cautiosly. And the clouds cry Silver teardrops.

Fairy Tales

She lives within her fairy world, A life of lies plagued by dragons and wizards and magic, Where nothing ever goes wrong, The only defense she has, Against the harshness of the abuses of reality. Inside within the walls that she has built against the dense winter chills of the life that was dealt to her, she hides with elves and dryads. She plays a princess in her imaginary kingdom, and he the daring knight who saves her from the pain. He defeats the demons and beats back the shadows, then climbs the ivory tower where she is kept away and kisses her awake. It is only in her mind, in her dreams of fairy tales, But those fairy tales are what carry her through the mental torture, and those dreams of him are what hold her when she cries.


Time slows down, then ceases to be And all the world winks out of existance, Like a dying star, And all that is, all there ever was, all there ever will be, Is the two of us together, just you and me. And your eyes reflect your heart, Thinly veiled behind brown-green glass. One look from those eyes, And my breath catches in my throat And I cannot turn away, Could not even if I wanted to, Because you hold my heart within your gaze. My fears, my troubles, melt away Like ice under the warm summer sun, And all that's left is happiness, and the warmth of your eyes When you look into mine, When time stops, and the world fades away, And I am with you.

This is the latest poem I've written. It's title is "Cruelty", but probably will change. I don't know how much I like it, but it has the HtA (heather the amazing) seal of aproval, so I'm putting it up.

Beyond the edge of my vision, I see his face,
Perfect smile shining on perfect features.
Just out of reach,
An unconcious thought on the verge of reality.
Turning to see him, he vanishes into a crowd of strange and distant faces.
"Wait!" I cry, words lost in the meaningless buzz of conversation
That presses down upon me.
Rushing to where he had last been, I glimpse him again,
Disappearing behind a rose-covered wall,
Tall and confident and self-possesed.
The crowd shoves me back,
Away from the only man I ever loved,
Pulling me along in their currents towards a future I dare not face without him.
My heart, my love, my life, follows him down shadowy alleys where light has never touched.
Struggling, fighting, every step forward a sweet triumph, closer to him,
Back to the rose-choked wall, down the narrow path between high walls,
Running past closed doors and tightly shuttered windows
And suddenly he is there,
Appearing as a wraith from the wind,
And his smile holds all the warmth of an Arctic snowstorm
As he tears my heart from my chest.
"I don't love you anymore," he says,
And laughs as I fall.


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