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The Reformed Kimmie's Page

Hello again. After visiting the pages of Taylor and Marissa, I realized that I am the only teenage girl who doesn't have a "friends page". Well, rather than my usual pull towards individuality, I decided I would slide towards the generic and reform my page. So first I will tell a bit about myself:

I'm 16, from a small town no one has ever heard of on the eastern coastline of the US. I go to a highschool which keeps perpetuating the same outdated system of education that has long since proved to be ineffective. I sing, though not nearly so well as some of my friends, and I act. I do NOT dance- I am, as one of my directors once said "a singer who moves sometimes". However, for all my dislike of the bulk of the dancing world, I am a Swing Dance expert, and feel that swing is the answer to all of life's problems. I am in love with Broadway and all that it stands for. Musical Theater is my passion. I'm also desperately in love with Gone With the Wind- I adore Olivia de'Havilland.

That is probably about all that is intresting about me. My friends are the best, and you can go to the link that will tell you all about them below. Or, you can go to some of their web sites, and see just how weird they are for yourself.
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